School is about to start, can I still go to the 🇬🇧 September preparatory course?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

There are many friends behind the scenes who say it privately✉️ Can I still take preparatory courses in 23 years and 9 🈷️ now ? Our answer is yes! Of course 🉑️ ! It's not too late! What's wrong! Today I am here to tell you about it!

✨About the Master’s Preparatory Course that is already full

In general Top 100 matriculation places Especially business studies As soon as it opened, there were so many people applying.

1⃣️Sheffield University International College

management marketing Accounting and Finance international management international business computer Science Cybersecurity and AI majors All seats are full

2⃣️Durham University International Study Center

data science finance economics international business Entrepreneurship and Management human resource Management Data science and other majors are all fully occupied

3⃣️Glasgow International College

management economic management economic risk management Investment posture, 🏦 and the economy International economic international strategic marketing Developmental Studies International economic analysis and other majors All seats are full

4⃣️University of Southampton

jurisprudence Internet of Things Business and Heritage Management All seats are full

✨Majors you can also apply for

1⃣️Durham University

law Accounting and Finance Market management Accounting Management computer Science Business and Management Accounting

⚠️There are many places available for business majors Go ahead

2⃣️University of Sheffield

East Asian Politics and Communication Business Finance and Economics global journalism sustainable building research Information Systems Creative and Cultural Industries Management Digital and cultural communication Digital Media and Sociology

⚠️There are many places available for humanities and social science majors

Successful cases of applying for preparatory courses in September from May to June

1⃣️Classmate Y from Guangxi University of Arts Found us in mid-May 🈸️ Got the application from Sheffield University International College on June 2nd Pre-Master's offers in business, social sciences and humanities are going to the UK to study in September this year!

2⃣️Classmate G from Guangxi University of Arts We also found us in mid-May 🈸️ On June 2nd , we also received a scholarship from KAPLAN International College of the University of Birmingham. Pre-Master's offers in Business, Law and Social Sciences

⚠️🎉These students! In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Wang Wanwan’s preparatory application. We also have many success stories! Find us now to apply Brother's materials Get a preparatory course offer within 2⃣️weeks☝️Decided🉑️ ! time is limited Be the first to be the first 🉐️ ! After all, we still have to spend time getting a visa!

✨The maximum number of people who can apply

1⃣️Unsatisfactory grades in junior year Undergraduates who are still waiting for a counterattack in their senior year

2⃣️There are subjects such as failed courses and retakes Undergraduate students who need to retake the exam to get their scores

3⃣️🈶️Undergraduates with a budget💰 and🈶️a desire to study abroad

The above is the information about the master’s preparatory course. As long as you have the heart to study It’s never too late to read! If you have any questions, please let us know in the background!

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