🇬🇧Experience of studying at Deou Middle School

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

This issue returns to Wang Wanwan's classic channel 🙋🏻‍♀️ - British seniors' study experience. We invited Lawrence , a senior from d'Overbroeck's College Oxford , to introduce his experience in Oxford to the students. Study life👏🏻

🈸️Application background

The IGCSE junior high school of Deou Middle School goes directly to the sixth form high school.

🏫School and major studied

Deou Middle School ( Sixth Form )

📚Course settings

The British two-year high school ( A-Level ) covers 35 optional courses from mathematics, chemistry, economics, computer science, art, classical civilization studies, drama, sociology, etc. At least 3 courses must be chosen for study at the A-Level stage, and most students will take 4 .

Since A-Level courses have fewer subjects (most people only study 4 courses), many knowledge points will be learned in depth during the two-year period, especially in the second year. It is similar to college preparatory courses, but will More systematic. After I went to college, I discovered that a lot of undergraduate content, such as mathematics, had mostly been completed by A-level advanced mathematics.

The first year of A-Level is mainly for more in-depth research and theoretical analysis of knowledge points learned in junior high school ( IGCSE ), such as physics, which is the study of Newton's three laws, Hooke's law, etc. . The second year will involve some university knowledge, such as Hubble-Lemaître's law.

Everyone is free to choose and combine according to their personal interests, future university choices and career plans. For example, I wanted to major in materials science in college, so I took mathematics, physics, chemistry and advanced mathematics. The fifth course I took was history, because I had a strong interest in the theology, classical civilization studies and history courses I took at the IGCSE stage.

🧏🏻‍♀️Study experience

In the first year of A-Level, I chose to live in the dormitory Islip House opposite the school. I walked to school every day and crossed the road in 2 minutes to reach the school. There are two-person rooms in the dormitory with bathrooms. Cleaners clean the rooms regularly, which is similar to staying in a hotel. The school cafeteria provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, which are edible. According to my experience of studying abroad in the UK for seven years since junior high school, it is quite good among British schools.

Classes at the school are basically taught in small classes of five to ten people. Teachers have the time and patience to answer every student's questions. The overall atmosphere of the school is relatively relaxed. There are students who study hard, a few who have formed a band, and some students who are talented in sports, etc.

Different subjects in the school also organize unique activities. As a history student, I once signed up for a trip to Poland to visit the local Jewish ghetto, historical sites of World War II and other places.

Generally speaking, it is a very relaxed school, but if you have strong personal initiative, you can also get corresponding support from the school teachers. The school also has an Oxbridge Program for students who want to apply for Oxbridge. There are four or five students who get into Oxford and Cambridge every year.

The above is the experience of studying at German-European Middle School that Senior Lawrence brought to the students. If students have any questions about applying to British high schools, you can tell us in the comment area 🪧 and backstage 📬~

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