🇬🇧A comprehensive inventory of cost-effective private schools❗️

🏫Queen Ethelburga 's College


💰Tuition fee 18450-19950/ year

🏠Accommodation 11150 / year

A regular guest in major private school rankings, ranked 17th among the top 100 private schools in The Times 📰 in 2024 ‼ ️ The school is divided into key classes ( College ) and regular classes ( Faculty ). Regular classes can choose a mix of Alevel and btec courses, as well as additional English courses. They have the same treatment in terms of teaching materials, school uniforms, teachers, etc.

🏫Abbey College Manchester


💰Tuition fee 24000-28100/ year

🏠Accommodation 15400 / year

The location is in the center of Manchester, which is very cost-effective for private schools in big cities. It is friendly to students with limited budget but who want to live and study well. The majority of students entering Qs100 universities such as the University of Manchester, University of Leeds, Durham University, University of Newcastle, and University of Birmingham every year account for the majority.

🏫City of London Freemen's School

📍London Surrey

💰Tuition➕🏠Accommodation 13958-14311 / semester _

The school is owned by the City of London, which has three schools in the top 50 in the UK. Students can easily enjoy the business background and academic influence brought by the City of London. It has professional arts and sports facilities, and its swimming and fencing teams are nationally renowned.

🏫St Bees School

📍Saint Bees

💰Tuition ➕🏠Accommodation 34815 / year

The school is one of the only 100 remaining public schools in the UK, ranking among the top 24 in the UK. It is the alma mater of celebrities such as Mr. Bean, the father of allergies, and the Secretary of State. As one of the schools that has won the Duke of Edinburgh Award the most, the British royal family has visited it three times, and it also has its own professional Oxbridge G5 guidance.

🏫King 's Ely Middle School

📍Ely , north of Cambridge

💰Tuition➕🏠Accommodation 27843 / year - 38655 / year

The school's history dates back to the 16th century and is one of the ten oldest secondary schools in the UK. It is only a 15- minute drive from Cambridge. The school's academics, music and sports are excellent, and more than one-third of the students are proficient in playing an instrument. Every year, 90%-100.% of students can enter their first choice university.

🏫St Michael 's school

📍 Llanelli

💰Tuition fee 26985/ year

🏠Accommodation 12495 / year

Ranked 27th among the top 100 private schools in The Times 📰 in 2024 ‼ ️ The school has a relatively low-key style, but it is not sloppy in academics. He can be seen in the performance list every year. Every year, students win awards in equestrian, tennis, cross-country and other international competitions.

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