Shocked❗️🇬🇧 British private schools are so deeply involved❓

" My child's grades are too poor, so I might as well study abroad. "

" I can no longer study in China, so I can send my children to high school in the UK. "

" The British secondary schools are so bad, can I go abroad and have a good job? "

🥲Teacher Fried Fish often hears students and parents say this, are British middle schools really water schools?

🇬🇧The British education concept focuses on ▶️elite education ◀️ , allowing students to fully develop their personal talents, hoping to cultivate talents with cheerful personalities and independent thinking skills, and then contribute to society.

❓Does studying in middle school in the UK mean that you can enjoy education without having to take exams?

❌No !

🔘British secondary schools are divided into public and private secondary schools, and they can also be divided into ordinary secondary schools and elite secondary schools. They have completely different education models and concepts. It is reported that only 20% of adults in the UK have attended private schools, and the privately educated elite hold senior positions in fields such as law, politics, medicine and journalism.

👥Many middle-class British families plan in advance a shortcut to enter top schools in order to avoid their children experiencing the harsh competition between primary and secondary schools. However, the British ️Happy Education ◀️ always gives people a sense of " just go to a prestigious school for fun " Illusion, in fact, they will spend a lot of money to hire a private tutor for an offer from a prestigious private school. And getting an offer from a prestigious private school is not something you can get with high scores. It also requires the child to be confident, thoughtful, good at sports, able to engage in art, etc.

🏫Enrollment to private schools has already started, so you need to start planning three or four years in advance or even earlier.

🏫Take Eton College as an example. You have to apply for admission three years in advance, and then select 240 applicants from 1,300 applicants❗️After admission, there will be a performance ranking every semester, and students with high scores will also receive special rewards . , and it will also affect the course division, which will undoubtedly make it difficult for every student not to pass the exam.

📖Extracurricular tutoring is not exclusive to domestic middle school students❗️According to a survey , 30% of middle school students in the UK receive private tutoring. Some cram schools cannot be entered by paying money. You have to grab a seat in advance and pass a test before you can attend class.

🏄‍♀️After school in private schools, you have to choose various " interest class " activities, including equestrian, golf, sailing, football, cricket, basketball, swimming, design, cooking, appreciation, etc. Sports and music are usually included There are extra guidance and competitions, which are not only stressful academically, but also full of extracurricular activities. It is really not easy to complete the in-class and extra-curricular courses in the limited time of the day.

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