If you want to go to Oxbridge❓You can’t miss these top private schools in the UK❗️

Want to get into Oxbridge? Let’s take a look at the following private schools in the UK with excellent results🐮👇

⚠️The performance data are the latest data in 23 years

🏫West minster School

💯 Alevel (A*A) 84%

💯 GCSE (A*A) 90%

The school has been ranked 1️⃣ for many years. The average Oxbridge ratio is about 40%. Even if graduates are not admitted to Oxbridge, it is not a problem to enter the top 100 universities in the world. This shows the strong strength of this school. The school also places great emphasis on education outside the classroom, with excellent results in arts and sports.

🏫Ruthin School

💯 Alevel (A*-A) 70%

💯 GCSE (A*-A) 74%

The school management is very strict and each dormitory is equipped with a dormitory, professional medical staff and tutors. While maintaining academic performance, the school also provides many rich extracurricular activities, including golf, swimming, rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing.

, canoes, etc.

🏫Chigwell School

💯 Alevel (A*-A) 50%

💯 GCSE (A*-A) 72%

Admission standards strictly ensure the abilities of current students. The school facilities are first- class, including a library, modern classrooms, guidance rooms for further studies, etc. The school also offers many projects, such as EPQ and The Williams Project, to lay the foundation for students who want to enter prestigious schools. Of course, there is also the indispensable Oxbridge admissions teaching and interview coaching.

🏫St Francis' College

💯A level(A*B)78%

💯 GCSE (A*-A) 80%

About 25% of the school's students enter Oxbridge University every year, thanks to its strict management and education. While maintaining the quality of education, we also take into account students' extracurricular education. Facilities such as swimming pools, stadiums, and professional theaters allow students to develop in a comprehensive way. Friendly to international students, additional English classes are offered.

🏫Taunton School

💯 Alevel (A*B) 61%

💯 GCSE (A*-A) 52%

Although most students choose Alevel, its IB scores are also very good . The average score of 32 points far exceeds the national average score of 16 points . ❗️They are all small class teaching, with only 6 students in each class, able to provide one-to-one Counseling and ensuring the quality of teaching.

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