What should I do if my GPA is too low if I want to study abroad🇬🇧?

❓What to do if your GPA is too low❓

Don't worry There are several ways to compensate

1⃣️Retake or make up the exam

The policies of each school are different. Some schools have policies that can cover the original scores with the retake results. The main consideration is the proportion and difficulty of the course to determine whether it is suitable for retakes.

2⃣️Emphasis on academic research and work experience

Participate in more research or work. Project research can highlight your potential for continuous academic research. Rich work experience can allow the school to see your attitude of actively participating in practice.

3⃣️Recommendation letters

It is usually written by an authoritative teacher such as a school tutor. If you have work experience, you can ask your boss at work to write a letter of recommendation .


Various exams that can prove your ability are particularly important. With the same GPA score, high scores in these exams can put you a long way ahead of others.

Even though I have a low GPA, I still want to study as a graduate student at a prestigious school❓

➡️Apply for Master’s Preparatory Course⬅️

The preparatory course is a bridge for undergraduate or college students to transition to graduate school. The main start time is September or January .

Master's preparatory courses usually require an IELTS score of 5.5 . You can also apply to the school first and then take the language courses set up by the school. From preparatory course to master's degree graduation , it can generally be completed within two years✅

As long as you pass the preparatory course, you can advance to the master's degree unconditionally. There is no need to apply or retake IELTS❕

Prestigious schools offering master’s preparatory courses🈶️

University of Bristol ( Qs61 )

University of Southampton ( Qs78 )

University of Glasgow ( Qs81 )

University of Leeds ( Qs86 )

University of Birmingham ( Qs91 )

University of Sheffield ( Qs96 )

University of Nottingham ( Qs114 )

University of Newcastle ( Qs122 )

Queen Mary University of London ( Qs125 )

Lancaster University ( Qs146 )

University of York ( Qs162 )

University of Exeter ( Qs163 )

Cardiff University ( Qs166 )

University of Liverpool ( Qs190 )

Graduate student 🆓 application, any questions about the application are welcome to Didi in the background 📩

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