So how about the queen Isabaugh that everyone on the internet is bragging about👸in middle school🤔

A uu asked us in the background how the Queen Elizabeth Secondary School in the UK was like❓After all, we are also in the UK and have visited this school. More importantly, Fried Fish’s college classmate graduated there, so Fried Fish may know a little bit more about this than everyone else🤔

To put it bluntly, this school is actually a combination of elementary school, junior high school, and high school. You may be more concerned about high school, so I will focus on it. I won’t go into too much detail about elementary school and junior high school. This school is actually on the edge of York. I don’t know if you remember the mineral water called Harrogate that you saw when you went to a high-end restaurant. This school is right there. Is this school really big? It's 450,000 square meters. I almost broke my leg when I visited Fried Fish last time. There are quite a lot of facilities in the school, including swimming pools, gyms, basketball courts, football fields, whatever you want. It has everything you want.

Let’s talk about another one, why is it that the whole Internet is bragging about it, good things are said to be very good, bad things are criticized a lot, I will tell you why. The high school department of this school is divided into two parts, one is called faculty and the other is called college . College Alevel scores will be much higher than faculty scores. Applicants need to pass OPT and CAT4 before admission. OPT is the well-known English internal test. CAT4 is a logic test similar to an investment bank interview. OPT is only applicable to those under the age of 18. As for CAT4 , some schools Use UKISET , some use ALR , it depends on the school ~ So these tests before admission are particularly important, because it determines whether you go to C or F.

Most of the classmates around Fried Fish graduated from College . Its college is indeed very good, just like the key high schools in China, with 75% A*-A . It was once rated as the 8th high school in the UK by parents. So it's really great to talk about it. So stop saying QE is bad, look at where they graduated from❗️

In addition, there is no neutral ranking of British high schools in the UK. What you see are all guis , because most of these rankings cover schools that most international students cannot enter, such as London School for Girls. , so it doesn’t have much reference significance. So just go and see the A*A score ratio. What else would you like to know next time? We were dd'd in the background. Fried Fish is very popular among fans. The most popular one right now is whether it is a boys' or girls' school or a mixed school. If there is no objection. I’ll arrange this for the next article~

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