Ten things you must do in the first week after arriving in the UK

The start of school is getting closer, and the new students coming to the UK should already be preparing for the start of school. I believe everyone is still full of curiosity about everything unknown here. In addition to having fun, don’t forget to complete the following ten things to prepare for studying abroad! 😄

1⃣️Check the condition of the apartment. Carefully check whether the furniture inside is consistent with the contract and ensure that all facilities are intact. If you find any damage or breakage, please inform the apartment management promptly to avoid unnecessary disputes when checking out. 🔍🏠 If there is any breakage or damage that is not discovered in time, due to the relatively high labor maintenance fees in the UK, a large fee may be deducted when checking out, be sure to pay attention❗️

2⃣️Apply for a British mobile phone card. Activate it immediately after arriving in the UK, or you can also apply for a Giffgaff card, which is affordable, or choose Vodafone. A previous friend shared that O2 and EE have relatively better signals, highly recommended! 📱📶

3⃣️Receive BRP. Although you may not be able to collect it temporarily during the language class stage, once the semester officially starts, please be sure to make an appointment in advance to collect the BRP. Once you get it, you can travel freely in the UK! But be careful not to lose it, because reissued BRP is expensive and troublesome! 🛂📦

4⃣️Apply for a bank card💳 . You can choose the one that suits you. Get a bank letter on the school's official website, and then quickly go to 🏦 to complete the procedures!

5⃣️If you frequently drive, you may consider getting a Railcard! Tips to save money! Railcard gives you a one-third discount on your train tickets. Moreover, when using an Oyster card in London, you can bind your Railcard to it and enjoy discounts on the subway! You can apply on the official website or go to the train station window. Remember to bring a one-inch photo, 30 pounds in cash and your passport! 🚆💳🎟

6⃣️Register as a GP. When applying for the visa, I had already paid medical insurance worth more than 6,000 pounds. So medical treatment in the UK is free! Find one 🏥 that is close to your apartment and register. In the future, you only need to make an appointment with a GP to see a doctor without paying extra fees. 💰

7⃣️Choose bedding and daily necessities. You can go to stores such as Argos, Primark and Ikea to pick up bedding, while supermarkets such as Waitrose, Lidl, Asda, Morrisons and Poundland can meet your daily necessities needs. 🛏🛒🏠

8⃣️Get ​​the HPV vaccine. In China, you have to wait in line for a long time, but in the UK it is much more convenient! You can make an appointment and get the HPV vaccine at a 💊 store such as Boots or Superdrug for a total of £450.

During your study abroad life in the UK, if you encounter any interesting places or encounter any incurable diseases, you can always DD with us! We will answer it for you in time! 😊🎓💬

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