A must-see when choosing a school❗️A collection of high-quality private schools in London

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

We are tired from the preparatory course, and I am afraid that you have forgotten our other track, so today we will go to the middle school 😄 Today is a collection of London's high-quality 👍 private schools~

✨Abbey Middle School London Campus (DLD College London)

1⃣️The only school in central London that provides accommodation

2⃣️Has ultra-modern teaching facilities and accommodation environment

3⃣️It offers majors such as Art Design, Drama and Theater Studies, which are rare among middle schools. Every year, many people enter well-known colleges such as UAL, Royal Arts, and Saint Martins.

✅Admission requirements: OPT required ➕Interview A*A score 40%

✅Tuition ➕Accommodation : 58k

✨City of London Freemen's School

1⃣️Superior location👍Fairman School London is owned by the City of London. Students at Fairman School can enjoy more of the academic influence and business background brought by the City of London.

2⃣️The school’s teaching building is a 15th-century building. The school has also made many innovations and added a lot of advanced equipment. 🎵The music room is equipped with professional recording equipment and electronic equipment

3⃣️A manor-style school with an entire national park green space in the Surrey area for students to use.

✅Admission requirements:

👩‍🎓 13+ (Reading GCSE) are Maths and English written exams Logical Reasoning (NVR) UKISET

👩‍🎓 16+ (reading Alevel) is UKISET ➕English internal test (reach IELTS level 6) ➕Interview➕Alevel course selection test

✅Tuition ➕Accommodation : 12k per semester

✨Mill Hill School

1⃣️The campus is huge, with complete facilities, large green spaces and beautiful natural scenery.

2⃣️Since 2017, more than 60% of students have received offers from Russell Group universities.

3⃣️In the field of sports, Mill Hill School enjoys a 👍 reputation and is one of the leading sports schools in the UK. The school attaches great importance to the training of ⚽️football , golf⛳️ and tennis🎾 , providing first-class facilities and professional coaching and training

✅Admission requirements: OPT CAT4 ➕Interview

✅Tuition ➕Accommodation : 40k

✨Eton College

1⃣️The best middle school in the UK, among the 250 or so graduates every year🎓 , more than 70 will enter Oxford and Cambridge, and 70% will enter the world's famous universities

✅Admission requirements: Eton List Test ISEB ➕Interview

✅Tuition ➕Accommodation : 4.6w/year

✨Harrow school

1⃣️Harrow school, one of the nine oldest public schools in the UK

✅Entry requirements: A/A* at GCSE (or equivalent) at least 7-9 points

ISEB ➕Interview

✅Tuition ➕Accommodation : 7k/semester

The above is a collection of some high-quality private schools in London. If you have any questions, please contact us via Didi.

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