Revealing the truth about Wang Shiling’s 6 million scholarship

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Li Xiang posted a message to congratulate his daughter on winning the Benenden Design Scholarship, revealing a lot of pride and pride in the words. The Benenden Scholarship will only grant scholarships to 10% of students👩‍🎓 . Is it the 6 million transmitted online ? ❓ Is Wang Shiling already half-footed in Oxford and Cambridge ? ❓ Can you get the Benenden Scholarship if you have money ?

🌟There is absolutely no basis for the 6 million scholarships reported online. The 🏆 award letter did not mention the amount of the scholarship at all. Generally, art scholarships can reduce part of the tuition fee, and the scholarships of Benenden School where Wang Shiling is located are used to commend students. It is an honor that does not come with a bonus, and there are many assessments for applying for a scholarship. Li Xiang’s family situation does not qualify him to apply for a scholarship to waive tuition fees.

🌟 Benenden School ’s Oxbridge average in recent years is 10% . In the ranking of schools with the number of Oxbridge offers in 2021 published by the British Daily Telegraph, Benenden is not among the top 10 . Westminster School, which ranks first in terms of number of offers received, has 45 Oxford offers and 34 Cambridge offers , and its admission success rate is only 39% . Not to mention benenden, which is not ranked among the top 10 .

🌟But this does not mean that Benenden is not a good school, it just means that it is not an academic school. benenden 's teaching philosophy is to allow students to receive an education in Tsuen Mian, not just academically. Getting into benenden is not easier than other academic schools. Many parents from families with a free economy put their children's physical development more seriously than academic competition. Girls as young as 10 need to pass Benenden 's numerous tests before they can enter this aristocratic school. Not only their children's English and mathematics written tests are examined, but also The interview that observes personal development is known as " one of the most difficult private schools in the world to get into " , so there is no doubt about Wang Shiling's excellence .

🌟 Benenden School was founded in 1923. It is a private school that only recruits girls aged 11-18 . Only 12% of them are international students. The boarding ratio is 1⃣️0⃣️0⃣️ % . Every student in the school is assigned a tutor. Each tutor Meet with students at least once a week to discuss academic studies, extracurricular activities, daily life, etc. to ensure that students can receive good development and education in school. The school hopes that girls will have good grades but also have artistic accomplishments and maintain their development.

Benden School opens admission applications for 11+ and 12+ , and it is recommended to register and apply three years in advance.

Take the written test➕interview in English and Mathematics

Examine students’ interests and talents in other areas 12 months before admission

13+ are recommended to register and apply 4 years in advance.

Take the unified ISEB exam➕interview

Examine students’ interests and talents in other areas 12 months before admission

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