Revealing the secrets of the secondary schools where British royals and aristocrats were educated❗️

🏫Harrow SchoolHarrow School

👥Boys ' school

The " cradle " of political celebrities is also loved by royal families around the world. The president of Qatar, 7 British prime ministers and the sons of the British royal family Prince Edward all studied here. The school's curriculum is flexible and provides a wide range of subject options and extra-curricular activities to prepare boys for their development. The school places a strong emphasis on musical talent, with at least half of its students proficient in an instrument, and it often holds competitions for music and drama performances.

🏫Marlborough College

👥Mixed school

Princess Kate, Princess Eugenie and the Duchess of York of the British royal family all graduated from this school. Its status is second only to the nine major public schools. It is known as the " cradle of famous ladies " . Many girls who graduated from this school became the wives of kings and guardians. The Prime Minister's wife, the Congressman's wife, etc. The school’s teaching philosophy is to maximize students’ potential and allow students to maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses to give full play to their strengths.

🏫Eton College

👥Boys ’ school ( 16+ mixed school)

The British royal family Prince William, Prince Harry and 20 British prime ministers all graduated from this world's most famous boys' boarding school, which enjoys the reputation of " the cradle of gentlemen " and " the world's elite talents " . The school emphasizes high-level education and aims to cultivate successful, independent and confident boys. The boys here not only have excellent academic performance, but also develop into elites with leadership, social skills and sports abilities. Even royal princes have no privileges and must pass rigorous entrance examinations to enter the school. The Oxbridge ratio is stable at around 30% every year, and many famous families from around the world come here to study.

🏫Badminton School

👥Girls ’ school

The first female Prime Minister of India, the second female Prime Minister of the world, the Princess of Jordan and many other princesses graduated from this school. The original intention of the school is to provide girls with the same education as boys and to cultivate smart, capable and open-minded girls. The school also has a strong sports atmosphere, including hockey, tennis, badminton, football, etc. The school's respectful academic atmosphere also produces girls who are strong, confident and knowledgeable.

🇬🇧Middle school🈸️ , dd fried fish

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