Next September🇬🇧Inventory of undergraduate preparatory colleges and majors✅

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

🛑What is a preparatory course❓Why should we study a preparatory course❓

The preparatory course is prepared for some students whose academic performance does not meet the requirements of the school. It is a 1⃣️- year basic course that needs to be completed before entering the British undergraduate courses. Through the one-year preparatory course, students who have not been able to attend British universities can also enter prestigious schools. opportunity to help students lay a solid foundation before the start of school

🛑Which students are suitable for undergraduate preparatory courses❓

🔘Students who have completed high school sophomore or senior high school courses

🔘Students who did not do well in international high schools

🔘Students who do well in the college entrance examination but want to go to a prestigious school

🛑How long does it take to study for undergraduate preparatory courses❓

Most schools have preparatory courses in January and September of the following year. These students enter undergraduate courses in September of the following year . The preparatory courses in January are shorter and have higher language requirements📈

🛑Which majors are already full for next September❓

🔘Durham University: Some business majors are full

🔘University of Glasgow: Most business majors are full

🔘University of Birmingham: Some business majors are already full

🔘University of Nottingham: Physiotherapy major is fully occupied

🔘University of Westminster: Fashion design major is fully occupied

🛑The language required to apply for the preparatory course is the academic performance requirement❓

You can apply with a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 and a minimum average academic score of 70%

🛑QS100 British schools and majors offering undergraduate preparatory courses in September 2024❓

🔘University of Manchester (QS32)

👊🏻Directions : Aviation, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computers, Humanities, Mechanical, 💊Agents , Physics, Psychology

🔘King 's University London KCL (QS40)

👊🏻Directions : Biology, Business Management, Mathematics, Computers, Politics, Humanities, Physics

🔘University of Bristol (QS55)

👊🏻Directions : Social Sciences, Humanities, Medicine, Engineering and Science

🔘University of Leeds (QS75)

👊🏻Directions : Science, Engineering and Computing, Law and Social Sciences, Business

🔘University of Glasgow (QS76)

👊🏻Directions : Arts and Humanities, Science and Engineering, Business and Social Sciences

🔘Durham University (QS78)

👊🏻Directions : Business, Economics, Accounting, Science, Humanities, Law

🔘University of Southampton (QS81)

👊🏻Directions : Business, Economics, Finance, Physics, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Art Design, Humanities

🔘University of Birmingham (QS84)

👊🏻Directions : Law, Engineering, Business, Economics and Finance, Medicine, Life Sciences, Arts, Humanities

🔘University of Nottingham (QS100)

👊🏻Directions : Business, Social Sciences, Art, Humanities, Physics, etc.

The above is the schools and majors that you can apply for in British preparatory courses next September, as well as a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about preparatory courses. If you want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory courses, go to the backend beep, submit the materials now 🈸️ , and you can get the offer the next day if you are quick

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