Private school for celebrities and rich people: Winchester Public School

Private School Sharing Episode 25: Winchester College is one of the best independent boarding schools in the UK and is generally regarded as the strongest in academic circles.

❗️Winchester College takes " Manners Makyth Man " (courtesy regardless of age or status) as its school motto and is one of the nine major public schools in the UK. It is also the alma mater of many wealthy celebrities such as the new British Prime Minister Sunak, Huo Qigang, He Youjun and Wang Sicong.

School Category✅ : Boys’ School

Establishment time⏰ : 1382

School population👨‍👨‍👦 : 614

International student ratio: 20%

❗️Winchester Public School has admitted its first batch of girls in 2023 , breaking more than 600 years of tradition and becoming a coeducational school.

Admissions Requirements❗️

✅Winchester Public School mainly has two admissions, 13+ ( year 9 ) and 16+ ( Sixth Form Entry ). However, the school's application competition is very fierce. It is recommended that students start applying for 13+ admission from the age of 8. 13+ There will be more places than 16+ , and the chances will be greater.

13+ application: Take the ISEB exam in sixth grade, and then take the interview + math test after passing

16+ application: The subjects chosen at A level must be subjects that obtain 8 points, 9 points or A* in GCSE

School introduction❗️

✅Winchester Public School is the first university preparatory school in the UK to accept poor students free of charge. It not only has outstanding academic achievements, but also attaches great importance to students' sports development, mainly focusing on cricket, tennis and football associations.

The student-to-teacher ratio is 6:1 , ranking 1st among independent Oxbridge schools and unrivaled in terms of academics.

✅After the founder of Winchester Public School founded this school, he also established the New College of Oxford University. The number of students recommended to Oxford University every year accounts for the top three in the UK.

✅Winchester College fees provide bursaries based on merit and circumstances. The public school's goal is to provide 100% bursaries to 10% of students, and on this basis to provide partial tuition remissions to 20% of students.

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