Which 🇬🇧 British universities are suitable for admission after the Spring Festival?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

After the Spring Festival, applications to major universities in the UK have gradually entered the second and third rounds. Recently, many students who have completed postgraduate examinations have asked us about delivery matters. At this point in time after the New Year, including students who have already submitted one round of applications and are interested in applying, or students who want to start preparing applications now, you can read this article right now🌟

▪️King 's College London

Although KCL’s popular majors have already closed in January, King of London does not have a list, making it a good choice for non-Native students to apply. Popular majors such as media and education can be omitted, and are more suitable for students with high average scores (88~90).

▪️University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is judged in rounds and there are still vacancies. Some majors at Aida are still in the process of application review. It was mentioned in the previous article that Aida’s majors are divided into three categories: ABC. Students in the list can apply for A/B majors, while those who are not eligible can apply for C category. It is recommended to browse the majors of the School of Arts, Education and Sports, Social Sciences and Political Science. In addition, you can also try the niche majors in business schools. Because Aida’s business school has strong comprehensive strength and high competition. But choosing some unpopular majors is also a good choice for admission.

▪️University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a high-quality choice that students have been told many times to apply for. First of all, the school has a high ranking, and secondly, it is friendly to students from dual and African backgrounds. Except for business schools, de France, computers, and electronics and electrical schools, which have strict requirements on the school list, other colleges and majors have relatively loose background conditions for students, but it is understandable that they have higher requirements for average scores. Therefore, the University of Manchester can be listed as one of the two guaranteed colleges in Gashen.

▪️University of Bristol

Currently, many majors in the business school are fully booked, and I believe that students who have applied to UB have already received offers one after another, because the processing efficiency is surprisingly high. Popular majors other than business school can also be applied for. This year, the QS ranking of the University of Buddhism has improved, making it a good choice for admission.

▪️University of Southampton

As a guaranteed college, Nan'an is a good choice because the list requirements are not too strict and art majors are also very popular.

▪️University of Leeds

The School of Communication has higher requirements. If you are on the list of this school, you can apply. If not, it is recommended to choose other majors in the college to submit additional applications.

The above 6 colleges and universities are all suitable for admission after the Spring Festival. Whether it is a pick-up or a guarantee, students should choose the appropriate admission school based on their own backgrounds🙋🏻‍♀️ . Students who are undecided can contact us in the background✉️ We will send you your background and the schools you have submitted to for consultation at any time ‼ ️

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