General high school students🈸️Several ways to get an undergraduate degree in the UK, check it out❗️

Friends often ask, can general high school students also study in prestigious British universities? The answer is absolutely yes! Let me give you some popular science on how domestic general high schools can directly apply for undergraduate courses in the UK~ 🤩

✨Foundation : Prepare for undergraduate studies and make the transition natural

This is a shortcut to enter British undergraduate courses. It can lay a solid foundation for entering British undergraduate courses. The academic requirements are relatively loose. It is recommended that the high school score should be 80 or above! Of course, some preparatory courses require college entrance examination scores, and some do not. For details, you can ask the teacher Didi in the background. The IELTS requirement is also between UKVI IELTS total score 5.0 and 6.0. After completing the preparatory course for half a year to one year, you will start 3 A one-year undergraduate course (4 years in Scotland) . Through preparatory courses, you can also go to some good schools to study for undergraduate courses. Most schools have preparatory courses.

✨Direct entry into freshman year of undergraduate studies

This is a more economical and time-saving option. The academic requirement is generally a college entrance examination score of 60% or above, and some departments may require 75-80%! The IELTS requirement is between 6.0 and 6.5. The duration of undergraduate degree is 3 years (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) or 4 years (Scotland)! More and more British institutions, such as the University of Liverpool, allow domestic students to apply for first-year courses directly after graduating from high school, or to join British first-year courses after completing their first year in China!

✨International Year One: Proceed directly to the second year of undergraduate studies

The academic requirements are relatively loose, just a high school score of 80 or above. Some colleges require college entrance examination scores, and the IELTS requirement is between 5.5 and 6.0! There are relatively few colleges and universities to choose from. After completing your international freshman year, you will directly study sophomore courses with local British students! In terms of time , it only takes 1 year of international freshman + 2 years of undergraduate studies🚀

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