Must-read books in the UK during summer vacation🇬🇧Recommended books from top private schools

Reading is very important for children who receive British education. It exercises children's logical thinking ability and English language ability. Today, Mr. Fried Fish will share the top books recommended by top private schools for children aged 7 to 12 . .

🔘 " Murder Most Unladylike " Detective Mystery Category ( 10 years old)

A children's suspense novel written in 2014 , it has won awards for Best Original Novel and Best Young Adult Novel. The book tells the story of two girls in England in the 1930s as they unravel the mysteries they encounter. It is a great exercise for children's logical thinking ability.

🔘 AQUILA 》Science Fiction ( 7 years old)

This is an imaginative science fiction novel that was voted the best children's book of the year. The book tells the story of two boys who were playing truant from school and accidentally discovered AQUILA , an aircraft that can travel through time and space. They took the aircraft on an adventure.

🔘 " Fantastic Mr Fox " Fantasy Literature ( 7 years old)

The book tells the story of a clever father fox's battle of wits with three farmers. This book teaches children that people should learn to love, not hate. Hatred can bring prejudice while love can bring vitality. The author Roald Dahl is a master of world fantasy literature. His works are not only excellent in plot but also in concept. It is recommended that you also read his " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ", " Matilda " and so on.

🔘 " Hitler's Canary " ( 10 years old)

This is a story about bravery, justice and kindness. Adapted from a true story, this story depicts the brutal war through the eyes of a child, who saw the contribution of Danish civilians to saving the Jews at that time. Hitler 's Canary is ultimately about ordinary citizens in danger and courage and heroism in times of conflict.

🔘 " Me, In between " ( 12 years old)

The protagonist, a little girl, fled the war with her family, sought asylum in Europe, and started a new life full of hope. But with the clash of cultures, the traumatic memories of war, the endless wait for the asylum process and an anxious father, can the girl find the path that suits her? This is a novel that reflects the real life of refugees. It records the process of waiting for refugee status in the form of a diary from the perspective of a girl. Every line in the article reveals the cruelty of war and the pain of refugees. It is recommended to understand the child's acceptance first, but this type of subject matter is very rare and is worth reading.

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