A sister from Manchester University takes you to experience accounting and finance majors

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

This issue is an old tradition again. Based on the feedback from backstage fans 📥 , Wang Wanwan invited Fay, a senior from the University of Manchester, to share with us her study life in Manchester City. Students, let’s take a look 8⃣️ ~

🈸️Application background

Domestic 211, accounting and finance major, average score of 85, two financial interns, IELTS 7.

🏫School and major studied

MSc Accounting and Finance, University of Manchester

📖Course settings

A total of 180 credits are required, of which 120 credits are required in the first two semesters, and a 60-point dissertation 📝 is required in the final semester. The courses are all held in business schools. Many schools offer free academic writing courses, and the University of Manchester is no exception. It is recommended that you sign up🙌🏼 . This course is very useful and can help you sort out the differences between writing papers in Chinese and English. You use English thinking to better complete your paper✊🏼 . Elective - Mergers and Acquisitions: Economics and Finance, this is out of personal interest🧐 I hope to have a deeper understanding . The content of the course is very interesting and helps you think about the underlying logic of company mergers and acquisitions and practical decision-making from different angles🔍 .

🔗Study experience

Since applying for this major requires students to have studied finance courses during their undergraduate studies, the knowledge they have come into contact with during their master's degree has been previously understood and will not be too unfamiliar🙈 . With the previous foundation, you will have a better understanding of the existing courses. Accounting and finance are also considered the top majors at the University of Manchester, so there are more Chinese people. It is recommended to work hard to improve your listening skills before school starts. This will affect the effectiveness of your classes . (After all, there are still many teachers with accents). All the teaching is completed in one academic year, which is quite stressful🤯 . Because the course content is large and I need to prepare for the ACCA exam (personal choice), even if there is a holiday this year, I have not fully enjoyed it🫠 . Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of teaching at the University of Manchester and my living experience in Manchester City.

That’s it for this semester’s accounting and finance study experience. The senior also recommends that students carefully compare the curriculum of the same major in each school before making a choice⚖️ . What other majors do students want to know about? Let us know in the comment area ‼ ️

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