University of Manchester🇬🇧Senior’s experience of studying directly from preparatory courses

Many uu come to 📪Fried Fish to see the experience of studying at the University of Manchester's preparatory school. Today, Fried Fish brings you Sister M , who went directly to the University of Manchester from the University of Manchester's preparatory school. She will share her study experience with you. You need to stay 🐎 ~

✅Application background

Domestic high school 3-year average score of 80➕ , IELTS 5.5 , liberal arts students

✅Preparatory major

Business and humanityBusiness and humanity

✅Course settings

1⃣️Humanities and Mathematics 2⃣️Finance 3⃣️Business 4⃣️Politics 5⃣️ EAP Academic English

Senior sister shared with us From these four majors, you can choose three plus academic English, giving students a choice and choosing the subjects they are good at, so it is easier to graduate❗️

✅Study experience

Sister M told us, " The schedule of the preparatory course is very tight, and I learn a lot of new knowledge every day. It is completely different from that in China. Fortunately, I can adapt to the British environment during the preparatory year📖. Studying the preparatory course at the University of Manchester, the environment is good , the surrounding transportation is convenient, there are many Chinese restaurants, and the prices are much lower than in London. As long as you go to school step by step, you can go straight to the University of Manchester. Finance will be a little bit more troublesome. Girls don’t need to choose this course if they don’t like it. Business will A little simpler~ Academic English is also very important, as long as they are all knowledge terms for university majors. The three subjects required for preparatory admission are AAB or above, plus English 80 , which is very easy. The teachers are also very good. Each student is assigned a private tutor . If you have difficulties in life, you can communicate with the teacher❗️

The above is what Senior M shared. It is generally very easy to study preparatory courses at the University of Manchester. If you are interested or have questions, you can poke and fry. Welcome to discuss ❤️

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