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Many UU backstage private messages asked us to find seniors to publish an article about their experience studying at the University of Manchester Business School! Today it's coming! Let’s follow Mr. Oliver into the University of Manchester Business School! Thanks to him for taking time out of his busy schedule to complete the following interview

Q&A :

Q : Can you briefly introduce yourself?

A : My name is Oliver . I am currently studying at the University of Manchester. I am a junior student, majoring in Management ( Marketing ) .

Q : Why did you choose the University of Manchester when you had an offer from UCL ?

A : UCL is indeed a very good university, and London is also a very good city. Samuel Johnson said that if you are tired of London, you will be tired of life! But the reason why I chose the University of Manchester is that after comprehensive factors, I felt that the University of Manchester is more suitable for me. First of all, Manchester is a vibrant, multicultural city. It is in the center of England. It is very convenient to go to other cities, and the cost of living is lower than London. Secondly, the reputation of the University of Manchester is very good in China, especially the business school of the University of Manchester. After learning about my major, I was deeply attracted by the content of its courses, especially customer behavior . a course.

Q : Can you briefly talk about your undergraduate experience in the past three years?

A : Of course, these three years have been both pain and joy. As a top university in the world, the University of Manchester has provided us with a very good environment. In addition to classes and seminars, I spent a large part of my time in the library and The main library and LC (Learning Centre) kept me up through countless nights in the study room . After all, the academic pressure was quite high. Many assignments require us to work in groups, such as giving speeches, making reports, making PPT , etc. At the beginning, I was also very resistant to working with foreigners, but later I felt that after all, when studying abroad, you must train yourself in all aspects and improve yourself. Ability to cooperate with others, leadership skills, etc. After experiencing so many group collaborations, I found that my speaking skills, thinking skills, and leadership skills have been greatly improved.

Q : How are the three-year undergraduate courses and grades arranged and distributed?

A : The marketing major is a branch of the management major. In the freshman year, the courses are basically the same for all management majors, and the freshman marks are not included in the final graduation grade. The school does this. The purpose is to be fully exposed to different subjects during the freshman year, and to choose the future direction according to one's own interests during the sophomore year. You can start choosing branches when you are a sophomore. Each branch has corresponding courses to choose from. For example, I chose the marketing branch. In my sophomore year, I can choose different courses, but it should be noted that when I am a freshman, When choosing three courses, some specific courses require students to have read the corresponding courses in their sophomore year before they can choose. The grades of the junior year account for 70% of the graduation grade , so the junior year is also particularly important. You can choose to write a graduation thesis and do a graduation project, or you can choose to graduate by exam. Relatively speaking, there will be more choices, taking care of students with different preferences.

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