Complete guide to applying for undergraduate preparatory studies at the University of Manchester

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory education.

🏫The University of Manchester is one of the top 50 universities in the world. It has a complete range of categories and many departments. It is currently ranked 3⃣️2⃣️ by QS in the world. Its departments include ✅School of Biology, ✅School of Medicine and Health, ✅School of Science and Engineering, etc. What students don’t know is that the school has three preparatory courses, namely our school, into and NCUK. Today I will introduce to you the school’s into preparatory course💯

➡️Applicable directions

🌟Business and Humanities International

🌟International Science and Engineering:

🌟Biological Sciences

🌟 pharmaceutics


➡️Academic requirements

Completed the senior year of high school, with an average grade of 80% in the third grade and 85% in mathematics

➡️Language scores:

Most majors require an English score of 6.0 and no individual score lower than 6.0 📄

The preparatory course does not require particularly high language scores, so students who want to apply don’t have to worry too much about not passing the language test.

➡️Some majors that can be applied for:

🌟Accounting and Finance

🌟Actuarial Science and Mathematics

🌟Aerospace Engineering and Management


🌟Artificial functions



🌟Chemical Engineering (Energy and Environment)

🌟Civil and Structural Engineering

🌟Computer Science

If you want to know more, you can apply for a major, and you can go to the backend Didi

📒Application materials

High school transcript, proof of language proficiency, personal statement, and a recommendation letter from a tutor are more likely to succeed!

📈The probability of advancing to undergraduate degree at the University after completing the preparatory course: official data is 80%. Although there are often various rumors saying that the probability of advancing to undergraduate degree after completing the preparatory course at the University of Manchester is less than 50%. Just don’t believe it if you ask. The official data is more reliable

👏🏻 Advantages of Into preparatory course:

✨The IELTS admission requirements are not high and are more friendly to the vast majority of students who want to attend prestigious schools but have average English skills;

✨The courses are more comprehensive, and there are accessible preparatory courses in 5 major directions, which can be connected to popular business majors;

✨The start time is flexible. School starts in January and September. Those who are too late to prepare for September can prepare for January of the following year. Students in September and January will enter undergraduate courses together in September of the following year.

💰Tuition fees:

Business and Humanities International💷 22225 International Science and Engineering💷 22225 Biological Sciences💷 17795 Pharmacology💷 24885 Psychology💷 26655

Relatively speaking, the University of Manchester is a top-ranked and relatively easy-to-enter school. If you are determined to come to the University of Manchester to study for preparatory courses, students only need to meet the academic performance standards and improve their language scores. There is no need to take a written test and For interviews, if you study hard during school, you can basically get into the undergraduate program. Students who want to apply should hurry up and prepare. Apply to British middle schools, backstage didi, submit the materials now, and you can receive the offer the next day if you hurry ~

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