What British 🇬🇧 private schools are there in Manchester?

Everyone has heard a lot about schools in the south of England, but as someone who has lived in the UK for nearly ten years, maybe everyone doesn’t know the difference between the south and the north. Of course, I also combined the opinions of my Chinese friends around me. Everyone will obviously feel that in the south of England, led by London, everyone's class levels will be very obvious. The so-called "rich areas" ❗️ "slums" ❗️ "high consumption" ❗️ "cultural discrimination" ❗️ and so on, these things are all like It's especially obvious in the south. So gradually some parents will ask, how about the north? After all, Manchester City is also one of the largest cities in the UK. Let’s take a look together 👀

Manchester, when you hear this name, you may think of Manchester United Football Team🔴Manchester City Football Team🔵University of Manchester🟣Yes , these are the three things that I think can represent Manchester. So what are the private schools and culture of Manchester City? How about it❓

The only private school in the city center of Manchester is the Abbey Secondary School Manchester Campus. The school is next to St Ann's Square in the city center, and nearby are the famous shopping centers Selfridge and Harvey Nichols. After all, schools in the city center actually have venues and a large campus, but this is actually unrealistic. For example, MPW London does not have a campus in Kensington, but students are admitted to the University of the Arts London and Central Saint Martins every year. There are also a lot of people 💯

School Features❗️

1⃣️Cheap tuition ✅Abbey Middle School Manchester Campus tuition fee + accommodation fee is about 350,000 per year, which is indeed a friendly choice for many students with limited budget but still want to come to the UK to study in middle school💯

2⃣️Results Show✅Abbey Middle School Manchester Campus offers IGCSE, GCSE, Alevel and preparatory courses. Especially for the preparatory courses, there are many students who are promoted to the University of Manchester🤙Leeds🤙Sheffield🤙Durham🤙Birmingham🤙Newcastle🤙 every year. These schools are all famous schools in north-central England, basically within QS100💯 Alevel A*A has 55 %, 50% for GCSE A*A, and 80% for preparatory students entering schools within QS100

3⃣️Rich activities & cultural tolerance✅As a culturally diverse city in the north, Manchester City is famous for its cultural tolerance. It has the second largest China Town in the UK . At least I have not encountered racial discrimination in Manchester City💯The football activities of school football are very Awesome, many of the school’s activity facilities are shared with the University of Manchester, and the school also provides more than 50 clubs for students to join💯

To be honest, the editor thinks that Abbey Middle School Manchester Campus is really a relatively conscientious school. If you also like Manchester United or Manchester City, or you are willing to come to Manchester City to see it, let’s meet in Manchester ✅The school still has 🈳️ places, Still free🆓fees🈸️✅

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