🇬🇧The ten most suitable cities for studying abroad

Today I will bring you the ten most suitable cities for studying abroad in the UK🇬🇧 Drawing on official data Plus some personal experience For your reference ( don’t troll me🥹

Top 1London

London has been ranked the best study abroad city in the world for four consecutive years. High concentration of top universities in the world And as the most developed city🇬🇧 job opportunities in london and cultural heritage is also very rich Provides 👍 culture Educational and Economic Opportunities

Top2 Edinburgh

Another very beautiful city Nicknamed Athens of the North The beauty of a medieval castle The crude ore has a strong historical flavor royal mile Calton Hill is a symbol of the city The University of Edinburgh is also famous Top 20 in the global QS ranking with historical heritage➕strong academic atmosphere It’s the special charm of this city


The economic center of Scotland Harry Potter's Magic Castle The people of Scotland are also hospitable and warm. The University of Glasgow is a university with a long history second only to oxford Cambridge St Andrews' 4th oldest university in the UK


The first⃣️industrialized city in history😍 A city civilized with football⚽️ culture Also a creative A diverse city of music and food Graffiti and handmade design studios can be found everywhere in the North District A diverse program of performers from a variety of budding musicians downtown The charm of Manchester City Worth exploring slowly ☺️ PS: Wang Wanwan is also here!

Top5 Coventry

turned into ruins during World War II A rapidly rising industrialized city The city still retains ruins from the German bombing raids  It is a very small city Quietness and peace are valuable You can just think about nothing all day long on the big lawn😇Coventry University’s Automobile🚗 major and Warwick University’s WBS are both very famous

Top 6Newcastle

A border city in England The architectural style combines the styles of Scotland and England . british entertainment city There are countless clubs and pubs in Newcastle Alcohol is the life of this city high standard of living Low consumption Studying abroad is very cost-effective


Another city with low consumption and high cost -effectiveness for studying abroad👍 Located in the Midlands The only drawback is that the population here is relatively mixed Not very safe

Top 8Bristol

harbor city It’s also a mountain town Don’t miss the hot air balloon festival every July !


A Gotham-like city Nottingham Castle and Deer Park no one will refuse

Top 10 Leeds

🇬🇧The 3rd largest city Kirkgate Market is the vibrant heart of Leeds

The above are the top 10 cities that are most worth studying and living in. Everyone is welcome to praise your city ~

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