Are there any British 🇬🇧 high schools that accept Alevel transfer students❓

Everyone knows that most British high schools do not accept Alevel transfer❌ , so what exactly does Alevel transfer mean ? In fact, frankly speaking, students do not want to continue studying Alevel in their current school for various reasons. Yes, you may be an AS student or A2 student currently studying. If you also have the idea of ​​transferring to another school, you can ask Fried Fish how to deal with it✅ . The following schools are currently known to Fried Fish and can accept transfers. Welcome to add more😊

1⃣️Abbey College Cambridge

The Abbey Cambridge campus accepts A-level transfer students. The only option is to repeat A2 or repeat AS (depending on the age of the student). However, the school does not accept transfer students. The school only starts in September every year. If you want to repeat AS, you can 1 Monthly admission will take 18 months for Alevel, 6 months for AS, and 12 months for A2. This school has a large number of students who are admitted to Cambridge and other schools within the QS50. If you want to rush to a good school, I think this is your best choice.

2⃣️ DLD London

DLD is a school that provides accommodation in central London. This school can also accept transfer students. It is more suitable for students who are engaged in art. The school also offers more courses. Mathematics is the strength of this school. The campus is relatively modern and is next to the London Eye. , the dormitory looks directly at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The scenery is really beautiful. The school also offers preparatory courses in fashion management (of course there are others) 🧥 , so if you don’t want to study for Alevel, you can directly transfer to the preparatory courses of our school to continue studying. Most of them Students who study the preparatory course in fashion management will all progress to UAL 👍 , and a small number of students will progress to CSM 🤙

3⃣️Oxford International College

OIC can also accept transfer students, but Fried Fish has not sent students there yet, so I dare not make any judgment at any time. OIC's Alevel results are quite satisfactory, and the school also offers an Oxbridge program. Give it to high-achieving students to help them sprint.

4⃣️ Abbey College Manchester

The Abbey Manchester Campus should be familiar to everyone. Please refer to 1⃣️ for the transfer plan. Most of the students who come here want to rush to the University of Manchester and like Manchester United🔴 or Manchester City🌛 . The Abbey Manchester Campus is also acceptable in the greater Manchester area. As for schools for international students, it’s really strange why there are no other schools in Manchester🙄️

For those who apply for the above students, we will apply at a nominal fee🈸️ , we also provide local airport pick- up✈️ , and local teachers will answer your questions in detail ~ Don’t hesitate, come quickly❗️

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