What 🇬🇧 top 100 college preparatory courses accept 🇨🇳 high school sophomores❗️

If you are in need, please ask us which undergraduate preparatory courses in the UK accept sophomores in high school. That is, they stopped studying in their senior year of high school and want to come after their sophomore year in high school🇬🇧 . Today we will take stock of which university preparatory courses they can accept in their sophomore year of high school. Students come directly to study😊 , and do not need high school grades and diplomas~ Welcome👏 everyone to add✅

1⃣️University of Glasgow

I believe everyone is familiar with the University of Glasgow. The castle in Harry Potter was filmed in Scotland! Friends who like Solvay, don’t miss it, they also accept applications from high school sophomore/AS scores ❗️ QS81

2⃣️University of Leeds

The preparatory course at the University of Leeds only requires the results of the second year of high school to apply, and it also includes current AS students. These two groups of people do not need the results of the third year of high school (or college entrance examination)/AL examination results to apply. QS86

3⃣️University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield's preparatory course also does not require high school senior or AL examination scores. Even if Sheffield ranks within QS100, it is not difficult to advance from preparatory course to undergraduate degree. Most majors only require 60-65% to advance. read. QS96

4⃣️University of Bristol

The preparatory courses at the University of Bristol are quite confusing. They have the main school preparatory courses and the group preparatory courses. The main school preparatory courses are more difficult and require high school senior/AL examination results. If it is a group preparatory course, you only need high school sophomore/AS scores to apply. The sun is shining all year round. Bristol is a place that many people yearn for❤️ QS61

5⃣️University of Birmingham

How come the students who like Yuxue Heibang don’t know this city and this university~ Likewise, they don’t need college entrance examination results or senior high school results❗️ QS91


Draw the key points yourself. Abbey College is a British high school, but they offer UCL-certified preparatory courses, which means that the preparatory courses you study in this school can be accredited by schools such as UCL, KCL, University of Manchester, and Edinburgh. They are also It can accept high school sophomores or AS students. Many UUs may not know this, so we are here❗️

Every school will have minimum score requirements. If you are not sure, you can come to dd us and apply for the above preparatory courses ~ Take action What are you waiting for for UUs ​​who enrolled in 2023?

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