Durham University Undergraduate Foundation Application Guide

Durham University is the third oldest university in England after Oxford and Cambridge, and is also one of the best research universities in the UK.

Today I would like to introduce to you what the undergraduate preparatory course of Durham University SG Group should be like🈸️

✨Professional direction

1⃣️Business , Economics, Accounting and Finance

2⃣️Humanities , Law and Social Sciences

3⃣️Science and Engineering

✨Course Length

3⃣️Semester👉September - June or January - August

✨Required courses

AES ( Academic English Skills ) 👉A course that must be learned no matter what major 1⃣️The class requires a ten-minute pre session in the form of a group discussion. The teacher will score based on your Grammar and fluency vocabulary 2⃣️The writing part requires a very academic approach The reference to support your article. The overall writing format is similar to the IELTS composition, including background , body paragraph and conclusion.

Extended Project 👉Choose a project that interests you And describe how you conducted your research in the essay What kind of results were achieved in the 2500 essay at the end of the semester?

⚠️For business majors Mathematics is also a compulsory subject.

❗️As long as four courses meet the standards, you can pass the preparatory course Successfully promoted to undergraduate degree

✨Admission requirements

🌈Academics👉Grade 2 - average score 80% ( 5 subjects, including major subjects)

Senior year - average score 75% ( 4 subjects, including major subjects)

🌈English Language👉 UKVI Academic IELTS 5.5 ( 5.5 in Reading and Writing, 5.0 in all other subskills)

✨Application materials

1⃣️Application form👉Need to fill in basic personal information, academic background, courses applied for, etc. 2⃣️Applicant ’s English language transcript 3⃣️Personal statement👉Introduce yourself and why you want to apply for this preparatory course 4⃣️Participate in an interview (some majors) 👉Show the applicant strengths and ability to adapt to university Used to evaluate the applicant’s English expression ability and overall quality 5⃣️ Two reference letters

Do you have any questions? Welcome backstage Didi to us! Now my brother is handing me the materials 🈸️ Offer within 2⃣️weeks🉑️🉐️

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