When you come to the UK🇬🇧 you must not do these things

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The previous 📒 shared with you a few things you must do when you come to the UK. This article 📒 is a companion article and shares with you a few things you must not do when you come to the UK 8⃣️

1⃣️Don’t believe the weather forecast

The UK weather forecast is a piece of baloney! Sometimes when we are walking on the road, it rains heavily🌧️ . The rain is heavier than the day Yiping was looking for his father. Have you ever tried to walk on the road and suddenly hail hit your face, causing scratches and pain? 😭Experience the four seasons in the UK and everything is possible. Things will change faster than 👩falling out.

2⃣️Don’t provoke small animals 

🇬🇧Seagulls and pigeons are not afraid of people. When they see people, they directly peck at people🐛I am irresponsible. Moreover, 🇬🇧🐦 is strong and fat and looks delicious (no, but it is illegal to eat🐦 in 🇬🇧 ! Pigeons are illegal ! How can pigeons be eaten if they are so cute?

3⃣️Don’t use your mobile phone on the road🚦

Although waiting for the red light to turn green in 🇬🇧 is like waiting for a ship at the airport, we still don’t run the red light like the locals do because the speed of 🇬🇧 is really too fast. Many times, we don’t have time to react, so you have to watch the road when walking.

4⃣️Do not stir-fry indoors

Although 🇬🇧 ’s Chinese food is very unpalatable. In order to satisfy the Chinese stomach, many friends will make delicious food at home. However, if the smoke is too high, it may cause the smoke alarm to go off wildly . 😭In some apartments, the alarm will be fined💰

5⃣️Don’t call the waiter waiter or snap your fingers when ordering food

Don't think this is cool, it's very impolite. Sometimes a witty look👀 or a bright smile😊 is enough for the waiter, and the waiter will take the initiative to come over and ask you if you need any help😎

6⃣️Don’t ignore the letter from city council

Friends who rent an apartment outside 🇬🇧 should take the initiative to check their own 📪 If there is a letter from the city council, remember to upload your school certificate in time, otherwise it may be checked by the FA Court 😫 or fined 💰

7⃣️Don’t make loud noises on public transportation

There is no 📶 in 🇬🇧 subways and trains, so 🇬🇧 people are reading or listening to music on it and it is very quiet. If you make a loud noise, it will interrupt their quiet time and it will be annoying.

8⃣️Don’t sit side by side when taking the elevator

When taking the elevator, especially in London, you must stand on the right side. The left side is reserved for people who are in a hurry. It blocks the way and affects people in a hurry. It is very annoying. 

Have you encountered any problems in the UK? Feel free to share with us below

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