into group preparatory application guide

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

INTO is an emerging education group in the UK🏫There are many good schools that it cooperates with Due to good ranking These universities have higher requirements for preparatory students🧑‍🎓

The advantages of Into are

1⃣️Provide dual enrollment Those who pass the test are guaranteed to enter our university's university courses Also recognized by other schools If you are unable to enter the school 🉑️Choose another university

2⃣️Study at this school Share campus resources

3⃣️Students do not need to take IELTS Through ✅Preparatory Course Can be promoted to freshman year

4⃣️School starts twice a year September or January

5⃣️Admission criteria : Undergraduate IELTS 5.0 ( writing 5.0)  High school score of 70 or above Master's degree, three-year college, 80 points or above

✨Cooperating schools

1⃣️ City, University of London (Cass Business School )

Advantage majors: Economics, Finance, International Business

Tuition fee 💰 around 14,000 💷

2⃣️University of ManchesterUniversity of Manchester

Advantage majors: business, computer, law

Tuition fee 💰 13000 💷 -18000 💷 ( Engineering students have the highest tuition fee )

3⃣️ Newcastle University Newcastle University

Advantage majors : art design, anatomy and physiology, agronomy

Tuition fee 💰 14000-23000 💷

4⃣️Queen 's University, BelfastQueen's University

Advantage majors : English Literature, Nursing, Archeology

Tuition fee 💰 around 18,000 💷

5⃣️ UEA (University of East Anglia) University of East Anglia

Advantage majors: art history, drama, film and television studies

Tuition fee 💰 11700 💷

6⃣️ University of Exeter University of Exeter (QS World 163)

Advantage majors: law, advanced mathematics, computer

Tuition fee 💰 17000 💷

If you have any preparatory questions, you can drop us a message. Submit your materials now 🈸️ and we will have an offer in 2⃣️ weeks 🉑️🉐️ !

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