Why should you plan early to study abroad?

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Studying abroad is no longer a heavy burden for many Chinese families. Basically, families can support one year’s living expenses and tuition fees. Take studying in the UK as an example. Why do you need to plan as early as possible to study in the UK?

1⃣️Application timeline

Whether you are applying for an undergraduate or a master's degree in a British university, you basically need to start preparations one year in advance. The opening date of applications for major schools is also about a year in advance. For example, for courses that start in September 2023, the application opening time is basically on 22 Around October and November of that year. At this time, you can submit the materials and get them approved by the school. British schools follow the first come first serve principle, that is, first come, first served. Once the course is full, admissions will cease (even if the deadline has not been reached)

2⃣️Material preparation

Everyone knows that the application materials are similar, but they are very energy-consuming. Transcripts need to be stamped, companies need to find certificates, contact teachers or supervisors to write letters of recommendation, photocopies of various original documents, passport applications, etc... These materials take a long time to process. , and also need to be verified multiple times, otherwise it will affect the school’s review and visa application.

3⃣️Language scores

For UUs ​​applying for a master's degree, CON generally requires IELTS 6.5 (6.0) or the same language score, so for UUs ​​who are not good at English, it will take a while to brush up their scores.


We don’t need to reiterate the importance of documents in the application process. A good document is not a template. It also needs to be personalized and your advantages must be clearly explained through evidence. We are good at figuring out the taste of each school's documents.

5⃣️Visa & Dormitory

The UK visa has not yet completely returned to normal, and the processing speed is relatively slow, so it will take some time to wait. Even if the school provides dormitories, many UUs still hope to live in off-campus apartments. After all, they have to apply for and wait for school dormitories. If they can't wait, they have to look for them again. Therefore, it is very important to confirm the dormitory in advance after getting the offer ~

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