Title: How to seamlessly transition to study in the UK if you failed in the college entrance examination

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍 The college entrance examination is tomorrow! First, you can choose to study abroad and study abroad to have more choices in life if you take the college entrance examination or fail the college entrance examination! Today I will introduce to you 1⃣️How to seamlessly connect to study in the UK after failing the college entrance examination~ ☺️Apply for matriculation in September ✨Reason This is a relatively easy way❗️Do not choose direct undergraduate studies because this method has very high requirements for college entrance examination scores, basically a score of 985 211, and if the college entrance examination scores are below one, there are very few schools to choose from and use To apply for an undergraduate degree this way, you need to take IELTS 6.5 or above. Within two months after the college entrance examination results are obtained, you need to decide to study abroad, then prepare for IELTS and TOEFL. Finally, apply for a visa, buy an air ticket, and go abroad. It is basically impossible to belong to the special forces ☺️ So we recommend it here You start from the preparatory course. The IELTS requirement for the preparatory course is relatively low, 4.5. It is more likely that you will get the score quickly in a short time. Secondly, the offer of the preparatory course is easier to get❗️Now I can get the offer within 2⃣️weeks after submitting the materials! ⚠️The preparatory course is very suitable for students who want to go to prestigious schools but have weak academic ability and are in a hurry to prepare. 🈶️An extra year to consolidate knowledge and connect to undergraduate studies ✨Application conditions High school three-year score 60%-80% IELTS 4.5-6.5 ✨School The University of Manchester, the University of Southampton, the University of Glasgow, the University of Leeds and other universities still have places for preparatory courses. Applications for 7🈷️applications are open for 9🈷️still available. ✨Application materials 1⃣️Transcript and certificate of study 2⃣️Passport 3⃣️IELTS language score 4⃣️recommendation letter ☺️Apply for January preparatory course ✨The difference from the September preparatory course is that you can wait for the college entrance examination results to come out before deciding to use the college entrance examination results to apply for the British preparatory course🉑️to apply to a better school and you have enough time🉑️to prepare for IELTS ✨School UCL KCL University of Manchester University of Bristol ✨Application conditions 1⃣️Transcript and certificate of study 2⃣️Passport3⃣️IELTS language score4⃣️recommendation letter5⃣️College Entrance Examination score In general, it doesn’t matter if you fail in the college entrance examination. All roads lead to Rome. If you change your mind, you can still reach the top of the mountain in life⛰️ If you have any questions about application, please welcome Didi in the background. We have limited slots!
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