School uniforms can also look so good❓

The British Ministry of Education has always encouraged students in all schools to wear school uniforms. How good-looking are school uniforms full of British atmosphere?

🏫 Harrow School Harrow School

Dark blue suit➕light gray trousers , plus a straw dome hat, show the British elegance.

🏫 Eton CollegeEton College

White shirt black tuxedo, the whole school has such a royal and noble style, it is worthy of being the " cradle of gentlemen "

🏫 Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

Girls in Years 6-9 wear blue sweaters and blue plaid skirts. Boys wear blue sweaters, blue and yellow ties , and dark gray pants. Years 10-11 are overall blue. This combination is warm and cute.

🏫 Rossall School Russell Middle School

The girls wore dark blue suits with red hooks and blue-green plaid skirts, while the boys changed into dark sweatpants.

🏫Bootham SchoolBootham School

The main theme is a " relaxed " atmosphere, with all-color sweatshirts long and short-sleeved polo shirts, and the girls' bottoms are red and green plaid skirts, which feel very comfortable to wear.

🏫 Malvern College Malvern Secondary School

The main color is green, giving it a " Slytherin " style, with a blue and green tie paired with a suit and a green plaid skirt. Even the sportswear is trendy.

🏫 Harrogate Ladies College Harrogate Girls’ School

White shirt blue-green plaid skirt is simply a young and beautiful lady style

🏫Christs Hospital SchoolChrist Public School

The famous " Blue Robe Public School " has hardly changed for a hundred years. The bottoms for boys are jodhpurs and the bottoms for girls are long skirts. The coat reaches the ankles and yellow stockings are also required.

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