Complete application guide for the University of Glasgow’s Master’s Preparatory Program

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

The business preparatory course of the University of Glasgow is basically an earlier one and has always been very popular and sought after by students. The school's master's preparatory course is in cooperation with the Kaplan Group. Let's take a look at what you need to pay attention to when applying to the University of Glasgow. ! 📝

QS Rank: 76

✅Master ’s preparatory program admission rate: 94%

✅Whether language scores are required: You can apply first and then supplement the language test

✅Starting time: January 👉 2nd semester, September 👉 3rd semester

✅Master 's preparatory major direction:

🔹Law and Social Sciences (LSS)

Pre-Master's for Law and Social Sciences

🔹Science and Engineering (SE)

Pre-Master's for Science and Engineering

🔹Business , Economics and Finance (BEF)

Pre-Master's for Business, Economics and Finance

🔹Medicine , Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (MVLS)

Pre-Master's for Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences

🔹Arts and Humanities (AH)

Pre-Master's for Arts and Humanities

✅Application conditions: ⚠️The application requirements are the same for all directions

🔹Undergraduate graduates with scores above 60% in each subject

🔹The average score of three-year college is above 80%

📒Application materials:

Transcript 📄 + academic certificate 📄 , a resume that shows your outstanding side 📄 and recommendation letter 📄

✅Language requirements:

🔹 School starts in January:

✨IELTS 5.5, no individual component lower than 5.0: BEF, LSS, SE, MVLS direction

✨IELTS 6.0, no individual component less than 5.5: AH direction, LSS direction to connect to LLM major

🔹 School starts in September:

✨IELTS 5.0, no individual component lower than 4.5: BEF, LSS, SE, MVLS direction

✨IELTS 5.5, no individual component lower than 5.0: AH direction, LSS direction connecting to LLM major

⚠️After completing the master's preparatory course, there is no need to retake the language test and you can directly enter the master's course at the University of Glasgow

✅Master 's preparatory course schedule:

🔹Research project: Choose a topic related to your major and write a paper📖

🔹Academic English: This course is assessed in the form of an exam

🔹Two professional courses: The contents of the professional courses for each major are different

⚠️The requirements for successfully entering the Master's Preparatory Program at the University of Glasgow are that you cannot fail four courses, and the average score is above 60 points

The above is the complete application guide for 🇬🇧Glasgow University’s preparatory master’s program. The places in this school are fast 🈵️ , and the places are first come, first served. If you want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory program, backstage beep, submit the materials now, and if you hurry, you can get it the next day offer!

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