A complete guide to applying for undergraduate preparatory courses in Glasgow

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Today is also a day full of useful information! Today we bring you a complete guide to applying for undergraduate preparatory courses in Glasgow!

☺️Admission requirements

Completed sophomore year of high school Average score of 80 points or above

Graduating from high school🎓 Average score of 75 or above


1⃣️Admission preparatory course

2⃣️Bridging courses after successful completion of the course

3⃣️No need🙅to retake IELTS Direct entry to the second year of an undergraduate degree at the University of Glasgow Just go straight to sophomore year

☺️Course settings

✨Generally , courses starting in September last for 3 semesters

1⃣️ 1 semester of basic language class

2⃣️ 2 semesters of language classes related to professional courses

Most of the courses offered in January are two -semester professional-related language classes One semester less basic language courses than in September

✨The course structure is professional courses Language class report class and writing class

☺️Teaching method

Preparatory courses take about two classes per day on average. Basically they are basic courses Zero-based teaching model courses For example, how to write an essay in ppt , what is critical thinking ? The content is simple and easy to use Language classes related to professional courses There are two teaching methods: lecture and seminar  Lecture is the big class of the entire major By Professors from GU The seminar has small classes on the GU campus Mainly interactive Q&A In GIC ’s own building Generally, they are PhD students from Georgian University.

☺️Assessment format

Presentation essay group work exam

Before each assessment form The teacher will teach you how to do it Everyone also has a tutor who takes care of everything. 🉑️Send him 📧Meet him one-on-one Tell him what he needs He will help you You can also practice speaking 😊

☺️Assessment standards

Attendance is not 📝 included in grades But ❗️low attendance rate will affect your grades and future studies.

He will have many assignments, each with a different proportion. Passed the preparatory course with 40 points Just show up on time ( ⚠️This is very important )  Submit due within the specified time  Don't stray from the topic Passing is not a problem Moreover, the preparatory score will not be included in the total score for the final review of the degree level.

☺️Teacher qualification

✨About accent Because preparatory teachers deal with international students So their speech speed will slow down The accent will also be clearer

✨Because the teacher has rich experience in dealing with Chinese children So they may be as strict as Chinese teachers 😡

☺️About make-up exams

✨It doesn’t matter if the cultural class meets the standard but the language class does not. You can also make up the exam or retake it

✨There are opportunities to make up the exam in both the 1st and 2nd semesters

The above is the complete application guide for GIC Glasgow undergraduate preparatory program. In general Still a good deal You have one more year to adapt to the 🇬🇧 environment and teaching methods To experience the British customs and customs Beautiful Do you have any questions? Backstage brothers and us

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