🇬🇧High School 1 which is more popular among parents

Today we take stock of some 🇬🇧 ​​British high schools that are more popular with parents. It is divided into two episodes. Remember to stay tuned for the second episode. Then let’s get started~

1⃣️Abbey College Cambridge

Abbey's Cambridge campus should be more popular among domestic parents. Our old fans also know that Wang Wanwan and Abbey are also closely related haha ​​~ The admission requirements are not difficult, and you need to pass OPT and interview. A perennial Oxbridge conveyor machine. The A*A score rate for Alevel is 83% . 💰 60k fat guy (including accommodation and tuition).

2⃣️Cardiff Sixth Form College ( CSFC )

Cardiff High School should be familiar to everyone. It is always in the top 3 in English schools and occasionally top 1 , hahaha. People gave him the nickname Hengshui Middle School in the UK. The test is indeed good, but the A*A score is 99% . Are you excited ? ❗️Entrance interview plus ALR logic test ~ UKISET can also be accepted. 💰 54k fat man (including accommodation and tuition)

3⃣️ Queen Ethelburga's

Queen Elizabeth ( QE ) is also well - known in a small town on the edge of York. The school is huge, 450,000 square meters. Last time Wang Wanwan was short-sighted, the school is huge and the scenery is beautiful. The College 's A*A score is 75% all year round. The school is really beautiful. Woohoo🥹 . Admission requires CAT4 , interview and written test ~ 💰 60k fat man (including accommodation and tuition)

4⃣️ Abbey College Manchester

It is the only 1⃣️1⃣️ private high school in the city center of Manchester. Many students who like to come to Manchester City just like football. Are you familiar with Manchester United and Manchester City ? Hahaha, although Ronaldo is no longer around😭, the results may be slightly lower than A*A , which is around 40% all year round. But I can’t resist being cheap📈 . Admission requires interview and written test❗️💰 49k fat guy (including accommodation and tuition)

5⃣️ MPW

Ambed High School is an art high school. After graduation, many students go to the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion, Goldsmiths, Westminster and other famous art schools. The school offers many courses run by UAL lecturers as well as fashion exhibitions. Admission requires a portfolio and IELTS scores~ 💰 55k Fatty (including accommodation and tuition)


Bosworth is located in Northampton, a city halfway between London and Birmingham. The school also offers small class education and regularly reports to parents, making it one of the more responsible schools. Admission also requires a written test and interview ❗️ A*A with 61% . There is also PreA . 💰 41k Fatty (all inclusive)


Bournemouth is by the sea, are you excited ? ❗️It ’s really beautiful. If you like the sea, don’t miss it. ❗️There are only 10 students in each class, and the class teaching is small. A*A has 64% . Provides 23 alevel courses to choose from, 💰 40k Fatty (all inclusive)

For uu students who have applied to the above schools and successfully enrolled, we will provide local pick-up and delivery directly to the school gate ❗️ There will also be life & school Q&A and guidance, and local gourmet Q&A.

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