🇬🇧Children who are addicted to mobile phones are most suitable to study in private schools in the UK❗️

Many parents say that their children have no self-control at all in China and only want to play with their mobile phones every day. They think that when they study abroad, no one will take care of them all the time. Is it doomed to study in the UK, which advocates " happy education " ❓😩

❌Not at all

Let’s take a look at some of the inhumane 😭 rules in private schools in the UK👇

🔘Contact your guardian at all times

Every week, guardians will receive all kinds of latest campus life information about their children at school, and will also analyze their children's academic and life difficulties based on their performance to provide help.

🔘Going out during the holidays must be approved by your guardian and school

Every time you go out on weekends and holidays, you must get permission. Even if you buy daily necessities nearby, you must return according to the prescribed route and time. Lower grades are led by teachers. If you want to stay out overnight, you must explain the reason and confirm the identity of the pick-up person.

🔘You cannot ask for leave at will

Even if there is no reason for extracurricular activities, you cannot ask for leave. If there are special circumstances, you need to confirm whether the parents are informed.

🔘Must wear school uniform

Wear school uniforms no matter spring, summer, autumn or winter, and change into sports uniforms for extracurricular activities.

🔘Cellphones will be confiscated during class❗️

(Primary school and junior high school level) Children of this age have the worst self-control, and the school is also strict about mobile phone management. It will lock students' mobile phones in lockers, use them for one hour every night to contact their parents, and distribute them on weekends.

(High school level) Generally, the use of mobile phones in public areas such as classrooms, cafeterias, and libraries is completely prohibited . Cell phones must be handed in and locked in lockers within the specified time.

⚠️If there is any violation, it will be confiscated and parents will be notified😱It is the same as the domestic handling method.

Different schools have different regulations📱

Let’s take a look at what these middle schools are doing to prevent students from being addicted to mobile phones👇

🏫Eton College

Cell phones are confiscated before going to bed at night and taken back the next day, and their use is completely prohibited in class.

🏫Wycliffe College

Hand in your mobile phone during class time and return it after finishing your studies for the day.

🏫Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

The use of mobile phones is prohibited during class but does not need to be handed in. However, the Internet speed limit is extremely slow and can be used during breaks.

🏫Taunton School

Turn in your cell phone at night before bed and before class.

🏫Myddelton College

Lower grade students must turn in their cell phones before going to bed. Upper grade students can use them but cannot appear in class.

🏫Ackworth School

Mobile phones are only allowed to be used in restaurants and dormitories. iPads will be issued for study, and parents can log in to check their children's academic progress.

👍British private schools will adjust regulations on students' use of mobile phones according to their age. The school mainly cultivates students' own self-management and planning abilities. Proper self-management can benefit children throughout their lives.

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