Let’s briefly talk about the various rankings of British high schools🤔

Have you ever felt that after reading too many rankings, you have become confused, which one should I refer to❓Hahahahahahaha❗️Have Fried Fish already predicted your prediction ? Fried Fish should be the first one on Quan.com to talk about rankings And I hope I can explain it clearly to you. Because most high schools in the UK are limited companies and mainly focus on 💰 , I don’t know whether the ranking can be as relevant as the QS ranking. Please refer to it yourself.

1⃣️Parental power

This thing is a ranking made by the British Times daily. Most of the schools in it are local schools in the UK. These schools basically mean that there are relatively few international students, and some schools do not accept international students unless they If the parents have status in the UK, the children can only go to day school and not boarding. However, international students (if their parents are not in the UK) can only go to boarding. The ranking done by this daily is relatively neutral.

2⃣️ bestschools

This thing is a ranking made by some private companies in the UK. As for the school rankings, you have to think about it yourself. The above can only give you some rough rankings and rough data. For specific information, please refer to the school's own official website.

3⃣️ B.C.

There is a report issued by the British Council. Please refer to it yourself. Although it is a limited company, it is relatively pertinent. BC is the organizer of the IELTS test that everyone is familiar with.

4⃣️🇬🇧 zhengfu official website

🇬🇧 The zhengfu official website basically has the data of schools in the UK . Check it out by yourself. It is very complicated and you have to understand it yourself, but this is the most pertinent.

Some well-known famous schools such as: Brighton College , QE , Westminster School, Dulwich , Ruthin are all OK . The more famous private schools are Abbey and MPW .

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