Edinburgh seniors take you to learn more about the landscape architecture major

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

Today in this issue, we invited senior student J from Edinburgh, who is about to graduate, to introduce the curriculum and experience of the MLA Landscape Architecture major to the students in detail.

▪️Schools and majors

MLA Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh


▪️Application background

Sichuan Agricultural University, with an average score of 83.5. No experience of winning awards, but two 3-month internship experiences in this major


▪️Professional course settings

Edinburgh's MLA is a two-year, four-semester course, in which the first-year course focuses more on the teaching of basic professional knowledge.


There are 3 courses in the first semester of the first year: 1. Design course (conduct research and design with a small site as the background, learn basic design logic and drawing skills in the process, and master small-scale site design capabilities); 2 .Plant materials class (understand and learn the plants and materials needed in professional design, their descriptions, classifications, sources and uses); 3. Theory class (learning of professional theoretical knowledge based on reading and papers)


Second semester of first year: Major 2, elective 1. The major courses are: 1. Design course (based on the first semester, conduct research and design on a larger scale and background site, further learn and strengthen design logic and drawing skills, and master large-scale site design Ability) 2. Engineering course (select an area from the design course to conduct more detailed engineering design, master the construction process from design to implementation and the drawing method of construction drawings)


The entire second year is spent doing graduation projects based on the knowledge learned in the first year.


The first semester of the second year consists of one major and one elective. Among them, the major design course has a self-selected site as the final topic. It starts with large-scale background research and macro planning, discovers problems and proposes solution strategies.


There are two majors in the second semester of the second year: 1. Design course (within the scope of the first semester project, you will demarcate a smaller and more specific area to carry out more detailed design, based on the previous topic selection direction and strategies to develop);

2. Academic portfolio (a bit like writing a 5,000-word thesis, but you need to combine the drawings from your design class and the newly drawn pictures into a portfolio with pictures and texts to prepare your design project for the second year of graduation) Lay a macro theoretical background to make your graduation project theoretically tenable, and provide guidance for your career after graduation)


▪️Harvest and experience

In addition to consolidating basic professional knowledge, I think the more important thing is to completely switch and open up the design ideas, so that I can design from a higher perspective and pay more attention to the needs of the site and users rather than taking it for granted. of doing design. This period of study also allowed me to master a more divergent way of thinking and a more creative design method in the process of research and design.


The above is the experience of studying in the MLA major in Edinburgh . For information about Edinburgh application📩 conditions , list of universities🏫 , and language scores, just drop by Didi🤗

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