Oxbridge admission rate secondary school rankings are here❗️

" The Spectator " announced the top 80 schools admitted by UCAS Oxford and Cambridge in 2022 .

The acceptance rate for Oxbridge has improved in recent years, from 52% in 2000 to 69% . Among the 80 schools in this ranking, there are 33 private schools and 18 sixth form schools. Let's take a look. 🔝 Which schools are 10 ~

🏫Brampton Manor AcademyBrampton Manor Academy

( Sixth-form ) Ranked 1⃣️ - Under extremely strict management in recent years, this school has allowed students to shine in the A-level examination and the Oxbridge rate has increased dramatically.

🔘Number of applications: 302 Admitted: 89

🏫Wset minster school

(Private) Ranked 2⃣️ The most famous Oxbridge harvester and the cradle of prestigious schools.

🔘Number of applications: 193 Accepted: 81

🏫 Hills Road Sixth Form College

( Sixth-form ) Ranked 3⃣️

🔘Number of applications: 273 Accepted: 78

🏫Eton College

(Private) Ranked 4⃣️ - A famous aristocratic school that has trained many politicians, nobles, scientists, and writers, let alone its teaching quality.

🔘Number of applications: 178 Accepted: 48

🏫St Paul's Girl's School

(Private) Ranking 5⃣️ Ranked No. 1 among private schools. The school spirit is rigorous but gives students enough room for free development.

🔘Number of applications: 78 Accepted: 46

🏫 Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth-form College

( Sixth-form ) Ranked 6⃣️

🔘Number of applications: 219 Accepted: 45

🏫Peter Symonds College Peter Symonds College

( Sixth-form ) Ranked 7⃣️ - The academic atmosphere is very good, it has first-class teaching facilities, and it appears in the list every year.

🔘Number of applications: 212 Accepted: 44

🏫King 's College SchoolKing's College School

(Private) Ranked 8⃣️ Focuses on student education and moral cultivation, and art majors are the school’s dominant subjects.

🏫 Harris Westminster Sixth Form

( Sixth-form ) Ranked 9⃣️

🔘Number of applications: 153 Accepted: 40

🏫The Perse School

(Private) Ranked 1⃣️0⃣️ - Although it is not as well-known as the old public schools, its annual Oxbridge rate is very high, which is enough to illustrate its strength.

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