Is it still possible to join a 🇬🇧 manor-style private school in January?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan works in British middle schools and private schools.

I have been waiting and hoping, and I finally got the offer from classmate Y🥳 . I have been waiting for 3⃣️months , but the result is good anyway ~ classmate Y can come to the UK to study smoothly in January👏 🏻

Student Y found Wang Wanwan after the private school in the UK started in September this year. Since school had already started, the idea of ​​enrolling in the semester in September was unrealistic😟 , so Wang Wanwan started to contact some schools☎️ Whether to enroll in January of the new semester.

Let’s first look at the background of student Y:

🏫School : An international middle school in Shanghai

📒Grade : GCSE stage

📄Academic performance: 8/9 points

📖Language score: IELTS estimated 6 points

Student Y’s grades are quite good💯 , and what he and his family want is to study in a more traditional manor-style British private school in the UK, which is less demanding than some other exam-oriented schools🤯 , and at the same time, he can develop some of his own skills. Hobbies and talents.

In fact, there are many manor-style private schools that Wang Wanwan sends his students to, and he is quite familiar with the schools here . After all, he can communicate directly with the school in his hometown without time difference . However, the quota of many manor-style private schools is already full. It’s very full 🈵️ and it’s difficult to join the class in January❌ . Therefore, Wang Wanwan also conducted a blanket search and identified several schools, and Canterbury Kent Middle School was one of them👊🏻

It is not difficult to apply to this school. The entrance tests include: 1⃣️English test, 2⃣️Math test and 3⃣️Interview . Student Y’s English and mathematics are also relatively good, so she passed smoothly💯

It’s hard not to be attracted by this school . It’s a manor-style school, located on the seaside in southeastern England🏖️. There is also a pasture on the school where you can take free equestrian lessons🐎 . It ’s super British style🇬🇧. In addition, this school is not a paper-based school, but its results are still pretty good, even better than many paper-based schools💪🏻. In addition to Alevel and GCSE, the school also has IB courses. The school will also help students prepare for college applications and provide counseling📒

The school also has a lot of extracurricular activities. The aforementioned equestrian courses are open from Monday to Sunday. The school provides more than 150 kinds of activities. Even on weekends, you will not be bored, such as rugby 🏈 , swimming 🏊 , drama, Debate competition, tennis🎾 , overseas exchanges✈️ , outdoor travel🏃🏻 and so on.

Congratulations to classmate Y again, we will see you in the UK soon! There are still 🈳️ seats available at the moment, I think 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school, backstage✉beep !

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