Can I still catch the last train for UK matriculation courses in January?

It’s almost November, and the start of preparatory courses in January is getting closer and closer. For students who want to come to the UK to study preparatory courses, it’s really the last train. Let’s take a look at which majors in the British preparatory courses are full in January. It’s there❗️Hurry and grab it👊🏻

🏫University of Sheffield

🎈Undergraduate Preparatory Course:

BA Architecture and Landscape

🎈Master ’s Preparatory Course:

MSc Computer Science with Speech and Language Processing

✨MSc Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

MSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering

MSc Advanced Computer Science

Engineering and social science majors

🏫University of Glasgow:

Most business majors are full, and some business preparatory courses in September 2024 and January 25 are also full.

🏫Durham University:

🎈Master 's Preparatory Course

Marketing MSc Market Impact

Accounting MSc Accounting

✨Management MSc Management and related majors

Finance MSc Finance and County Official Major

🏫University of Leeds:

🎈Undergraduate Preparatory Course

Business Management with Marketing

✨Business Management

✨BSc International Business

Other business majors

🏫University of Birmingham

🎈Undergraduate Preparatory Course:

BSc Business Management and related majors

🎈Master ’s Preparatory Course:

MSc Management

✨MSc International Business

MSc Marketing

MSc Accounting and Finance

MSc Money, Banking and Finance

🏫University of Southampton:

✨BSc Computer Science

BA Fashion Design

BEng Mechanical Engineering

MSc Data Science

MSc Data and Decision Analytic

Therefore, friends who want to come to the UK to study in January really need to hurry up. They only need to complete the half-year course and then they can enter the UK undergraduate or master's degree courses in September next year. If you want to 🈸️ or want to know which preparatory majors are full, Backend Didi, submit the materials now, and if you hurry, you can get the offer the next day~

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