🇬🇧A British private school that science students can’t miss

🏫Charterhouse SchoolCharterhouse School

It is one of the nine major public schools in the UK. In addition to traditional Alevel courses, it also provides IB and Cambridge University preparatory courses. It has received 200 Oxbridge offers in the past ten years and has cultivated a large number of talents for the UK, including Newton teachers. ——Barrow .

🏫Leighton Park School

A mixed school founded by Quakers, It has been rated as the best performing school in Berkshire and has trained outstanding talents such as the Chairman of the Stock Exchange and the Director of the Government Communications Department. The school is very famous for its STEM subjects. It participates in various STEM competitions every year, and its results have always been stable and good.

🏫Badminton School

Known as the most difficult-to-enter British girls' school, it trains girls to achieve excellent results in everything from science to art. It is also the alma mater of India's first female prime minister. Out of 23 people who scored well in STEM subjects, almost two-thirds achieved an 8 or 9 in science and maths subjects.

🏫Abbey College Cambridge

Co-ed schools are the best at supporting international students and are extremely tolerant to help international students adapt to study and life. Students are often encouraged to participate in various competitions. In the chemistry competition held by Oxford and Cambridge in 2023 , they won 3rd place in the UK, Cardiff Middle School only 5th place, and Harrow School 8th place.

🏫CATS Cambridge

It is a mixed school with all international students. It is also one of the few schools with air conditioning, so the school is very tolerant in terms of culture, food and habits. In 2023 , 74% of A*A in Alevel mathematics 🤯 , a single Mathematics scores exceed those of most schools.

🏫Malvern st James Girl's School

It is rated as a forward-looking IB school and is at the forefront of educational development. The average IB score is as high as 37 points❓❗️Students have always performed stably in science subjects and are excellent in mathematics, science and other science projects. The school will take students on field trips See how knowledge is put into practice.

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