🇬🇧In life, just download these apps and you can relax.

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

school started! school started! school started! Your summer balance is running low ... 😭Many friends expressed panic I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with the all-English classes. Afraid of not adapting to unfamiliar living environment It doesn't matter! This article 📒 explains how to live a flat life Tell you everything! These few apps are enough!

1⃣️Textbook download

Bookboon : Textbook Especially business textbooks with oxford Synchronization of teaching materials from Stanford and other universities

Z-library: the world ’s largest digital library  🆓Provide downloads of books and articles After registration, you can download up to ten times per day🉑️

Openstax : textbooks covering mathematics sociology Humanities and Social Sciences Business, etc. Support online reading and 🆓downloading

2⃣️Learning related

Outlook : Accept assignments📧 Communicate with the teacher📧

Teams : Essential for group assignment discussions With real-time subtitles

Notability : tablet app 🉑️take notes and 🉑️record anytime and anywhere

Process on : Draw a mind map to clarify your ideas

ResearchGate : Find more literature than the ones provided by the school🏫

3⃣️High score for the paper Essential for liver due 

Deepl : Academic translation is better than Google Scholar Reborn parents of international students

Grammarly : grammar checking and proofreading

Quillbot : Document rewriting Lose weight with one click  Also🉑️automatically expand and shorten text

Zoetro : Generate reference list with one click ⚠️I wonder who is still manually doing A to Z 

Cite this for me: Automatic document format generator

4⃣️Can’t understand in class

Otter: You can simultaneously convert speech into text during class The accuracy rate is 80% and it has the function of annotating key sentences.

itour Translator: Google 🉑️Install the plug-in directly and record the screen in real time during class. After the translation is completed, the translated text will be automatically generated but you need 💰

5⃣️Life wool

British Province💰Express News : Major Brands shopping website Discount information updated in real time 

unidays : student discount

If you have any other useful apps, please tell me quickly. Living a flat life is not a dream

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