Don’t make these mistakes again when applying to private schools‼ ️

1⃣️My child wants to go to a top 🔝 public school in the UK. Is it okay❓

Public schools basically only recruit local students, which is really almost impossible for children who are studying abroad for the first time. If it is really necessary to attend a public school in the Ninth National University, children and parents must start preparations before elementary school and go through intense applications, examinations, and admissions before they can succeed. Or you can go to an " affiliated elementary school " that corresponds to major public schools. It will be less difficult than taking the public school exam directly, but it will take more time, energy, and money to enroll in an elementary school.

2⃣️Is it okay if my child wants to go to one of the top ten private schools❓

These private schools must start applying at least three years in advance of the admission age. If you have missed the admission deadline, you don’t have to expect to attend these top private schools. In addition, the entrance exam is not like domestic exam-oriented education, which only requires a high paper score. It mainly depends on the child's logical thinking, but also examines the child's special hobbies, such as acting, equestrian, football, hockey, golf, etc., which is very important for It is really difficult for children who have received exam-oriented education for more than ten years.

3⃣️Can the whole family get permanent residence by having their children attend private schools❓

cannot ! ️Underage children can obtain permanent residence only if their parents have permanent residence. Children must have lived in the UK for ten years before they can apply for permanent residence, but this is only the child's permanent residence and has nothing to do with their parents.

4⃣️I want to go to study with my child. Is it okay❓

The companion visa can only be applied for when the child is no more than 12 years old, and the companion visa will be canceled in January 2024 . If you really want to accompany me to study, your parents can only apply for a work visa or innovation visa, etc. There is no need to worry about children attending boarding schools. The schools will ensure the children's safety and growth.

5⃣️Is it okay for my child to go to London to study❓

Many parents feel that there are more places to eat, drink and have fun in London, and are afraid that their children will become addicted. They feel that studying in the countryside can calm down more. I would say, it all depends on the situation. For children with artistic talents, London has many art exhibitions, dramas, music and other art projects. London is still the first choice for art students. In addition, whether it is suitable for reading depends on the child's own situation.

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I hope every child can apply for their dream school. Do you have any other worries? 🉑️Private✉️Fried fish teacher ~

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