A temporary guide to applying to private schools in the UK❗️

It's already March, and the position of private schools in the UK is getting more and more tense. Are there any friends who still don't know how to start? Save Teacher Mi Gao’s private school application guide for March❗️

⬇️Private school application process:

🔘Determine the direction of the school

(Choose the appropriate general direction based on the subjects the student is good at or the career he wants to pursue in the future)

🔘Determine the school type

(Choose single-sex private schools, mixed schools or schools with a large number of international students based on the student’s personal circumstances)

🔘Communicate with the school

(Determine whether the school you choose still has vacancies for admission)

🔘Submit information

(Submit the student’s basic information, such as transcripts, etc.)

🔘Entrance exam

( Interview➕Examination , some schools do not require exams)

🔘Received offer

(If you choose whether to accept the offer , you can start applying for a visa!)

⬇️To apply for a private school, you must have:

🔘Transcripts for each grade level

🔘Current students (proof of enrollment required)

🔘Language transcript (not required by some schools, some require internal testing)

⬇️There are still available private schools and their required tuition fees:

🏫DLD College London

(Tuition fee 35,300/ year ➕Accommodation 21,500 +/ year)

🏫Abbey College Cambridge

(Tuition fee 35,500/ year ➕Accommodation 25,600 +/ year)

🏫Abbey College Manchester

(Tuition fee 24,000+/ year ➕Accommodation 15,400 +/ year)

🏫Queen Ethelburga 's

(Tuition fee 18,450+/ year ➕Accommodation 11,150 +/ year)

🏫City of London Freemen's

(Tuition ➕Accommodation 13958+/ semester )

🏫King 's Ely Middle School

(Tuition ➕Accommodation 27843+/ year )

🏫St Bees School

(Tuition ➕Accommodation 34815 +/ year)

🏫St Michael 's school

(Tuition fee 26985/ year ➕Accommodation 12495 +/ year)

More school DD rice cake teachers, please analyze the specific situation in detail~

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