When applying for a UK preparatory course, you must pay attention to these points⚠️

Everyone knows that Wang Baiwan is a British secondary school and preparatory school

What preparations do you need to make in advance to apply for a UK foundation course? Students who want to apply for a foundation course, hurry up and don’t wait until the application deadline to start panicking. Don’t say Wang Baiwan didn’t remind you❗️

🤔️What is preparatory course❓

The preparatory course is a transitional course of six months to one year prepared for students who are not qualified to directly enter the UK undergraduate or preparatory courses. Some students do not have sufficient academic qualifications, poor grades , poor language skills , no graduation certificate or degree certificate , and are college students. These students can all enter their ideal university and obtain a degree through undergraduate preparatory or master's preparatory courses.

🤔️English preparatory courses are divided into group preparatory courses and school preparatory courses❓

👉Our preparatory courses are directly run by various universities in the UK and are taught on the campuses of various schools. Our preparatory courses have higher entry requirements for students who have completed the courses. At the same time, when applying for these preparatory courses, the language and academic performance requirements are also higher.

👉Group preparatory courses are mainly provided by three preparatory groups: INTO Group, Study Group Group and Kaplan Group. These preparatory courses are taught in preparatory centers near the school. The degree certificate obtained after graduation is the same as that of the school's preparatory courses. Group preparatory courses are easier to pass than the school's preparatory courses, and the language and academic requirements for application are also lower.

⚠️⚠️What should you pay attention to when applying⚠️⚠️

👉Understand the admission rate of each school's preparatory courses: Each school has different assessments for admission, attendance, homework and exams, and essay combinations have a certain proportion. The higher the QS ranking of the school, the harder it is to pass, and the lower the QS ranking of the school, the easier it is to pass. At the same time, the group preparatory course is easier to pass than the preparatory course of the school✅

👉Determine the course you want to study: The advantage of undergraduate/master's preparatory courses compared to directly studying for undergraduate/master's degrees is that many majors allow cross-major applications, so you need to determine your major in advance

👉 Understand the requirements of each school: whether a portfolio is required, what are the academic requirements, what are the language requirements , whether a graduation certificate and degree certificate are required , whether I can apply in the second year of high school, etc.

👉The earlier you apply, the better: many schools will stop recruiting after they have filled their places. For example, the business school at the University of Glasgow is filled up early every year, so you should decide on the major and school you want to study as soon as possible to reserve a place.

Want to 🈸️🇬🇧preparatory course, the background ✉️ beep, submit the materials now, if you are fast, you can get the offer the next day❗️

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