When applying for 🇬🇧 middle school, why do I advise you to choose a local agency in the UK?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Many people have different opinions on the choice of 🇬🇧study abroad agency, but Wang Wanwan still recommends that you choose 🇬🇧a local agency. Of course, it is not because we are based in Manchester City. There are many reasons. Let me tell you 🎙️

1⃣️British local agents know the UK better🇬🇧

British customs, British culture, if you want to write an authentic British document, of course you need someone who has been here in person to understand and write a document that is more in line with British 🇬🇧 people’s appetite📃 . Moreover, in students’ 🈶️ doubts and curiosity Only then can British consultants give more pertinent opinions. After all, our students are all underage or just-adult children. They still have curiosity and some worries about 🇬🇧 and are afraid of living alone in the UK. 🇬🇧 consultants Teachers can provide the most timely help, and local agents can also provide timely help after students and children arrive🇬🇧🤝If you have any questions , you may go directly to offline for help🌸

2⃣️There is no time difference between British local agencies and British high schools

There is no time difference with the British agency⌚️This is very important because sometimes I receive replies from some British high schools in the middle of the night domestic time. At this time, everyone is asleep and can only process the news after waking up during the day the next day. But the British 🇬🇧 native There is no time difference between the agency and the high school in 🇬🇧 . They can respond promptly if there are any questions and communicate in a timely manner 💬It has a higher xiao rate and a higher xiao rate, allowing students to get offers in a shorter time and successfully enroll.

3⃣️British local agency cooperates with British high schools🈶️

This is an important point ! ️It is difficult for some 🇬🇧 ​​schools to reach cooperation with domestic agencies, so they will choose to cooperate directly with 🇬🇧 intermediaries . 🈶️ If they cooperate, the fees 💰 will be lower. Some agencies can even 🆓 apply for local agencies to directly connect with 🇬🇧 high schools. It is also guaranteed for students. First, the possibility of admission will be greater. Secondly, local institutions will obtain information faster💻 . The information gap is too uncomfortable for students😣

4⃣️There are relatively few local intermediaries in the UK

It’s not as huge as the domestic market. There are a lot of study abroad agencies, but the UK🇬🇧 is a relatively small soil and the market has relatively few students➕There are few competitors, so the “people’s customs are relatively simple” and the service is considerate because they deal with young people. For international students, the consultants will be more patient and better at nanny-style one-to-one consultation👻

Generally speaking, the biggest advantage of local agencies in the UK is that they can connect with 🇬🇧 schools. This is something that domestic agencies cannot do. If you have any needs, choose us! Didi us!

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