🇬🇧How to take advantage of studying abroad and clean the toilet

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

School has started. School has started! The start of school means that there will be a large wave of dues coming towards you with your heads held high... 😅 During liver dues, except for liver dues, everything else is interesting! Including cleaning the toilet🚽 ! As the saying goes: no toilet is innocent when it comes to liver duet! So how to clean the toilet correctly! How to make the toilet bright and white! Stay tuned for this article! Tell you! 👇


Its bottle mouth design is very special, you can easily spray it into the cracks of the toilet and let it sit for a few minutes, and the toilet will become irritated instantly!

Duck toilet brush

A toilet that doesn't need to be brushed is useless! 😂The joy of cleaning the toilet lies in participating in the "brushing" process! so! The duck set brush is here! Including 🉑️reusable toilet brush handle, toilet brush rack and disposable cotton pad brush head with its own detergent. After brushing, the cotton pad can be thrown directly into the toilet and flushed! Tesco 🈶️

Duck toilet deodorizing gel

After the toilet is shiny, it should also smell good . 🔝Push it down one click and it will stick to the toilet to emit a good smell! There are different flavors, please choose according to your preference!

If you feel that just cleaning the toilet is not enough to relieve stress and you still can’t write, you can try a cleaning combination set 👇

clif power shine

Go to the bathroom sink and spray a little on the scale, then wipe it clean with a clean cloth. The scale is gone from the bathroom🛀The white one will shine! From then on, I fell in love with taking a bath. I washed my bald skin three times a day (no 🌚

flash kitchen cleaner

Huge wall of oil removal capabilities! I think every time I cook, I spray this on the oil everywhere because it’s cheap. After a while, I wipe it with kitchen paper and the oil is gone instantly! Back to a clean and refreshing kitchen!

Fairy laundry balls

It only takes two steps to pick up and throw away the clothes. After washing them, they will smell fragrant and heal!

Of course, you will face a problem after your liver is due! Hair loss! What should I do if my hair is falling out too much? Mr. Mighty is here! 👇

Mr muscle sewer unblocker

Pour some into the clogged sewer and rinse it with hot water, and all the hair will be gone! As long as I rinse it out fast enough , it’s like my hair hasn’t fallen out👍

⚠️Friendly reminder: Doing housework is a good thing. Please take good care of your hands and wear gloves during cleaning🧤 !

The above is the "How to correctly fish when the liver is due" compiled by the editor (not 🌝How else will you fish when the liver is due🐟 ? Let us know in the comments below!

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