🇬🇧How international students can protect themselves and save themselves

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

A piece of news 🇬🇧 a few days ago made people very sad and disturbed. A Manchester City university student was killed on his way home from a party. The location of the accident is located in the city center of Manchester - the student activity area of ​​multiple universities. The main street with dense crowds, the area where people live their lives, is scary to think about! In this article, the editor has compiled ways for international students in the UK to help themselves. Students must keep this in mind.


1⃣️No ! Walking alone 🚶‍♀️Whether it’s going to or from class, or going out for a meal or activity, it’s better to find a companion to walk with. Walking together makes you feel more at ease.

2⃣️No ! Join in the fun and gather in crowded places. Everyone must have seen the stampede in Itaewon, and there are some types of activities where similar incidents are prone to occur, such as football matches, concerts, disco venues, etc. Remember, attend events with high traffic and keep safety in mind!

3⃣️No ! Traveling at night. Keep this in mind no matter where you are.

4⃣️No ! stir up trouble. When you go out, do not quarrel with others. One is worried about the speed of the police dispatch, and the other is afraid of causing trouble.

5⃣️No ! Take the back alleys. Be especially careful around corners like this in the UK. There are many 🚬😱 who are mentally ill, so stay away.

6⃣️No ! Treat money as the most important thing. Once you encounter ⚠️ , life safety is No. 1, don't think that you can save the loss of funds, and recover it later 🚔 .

⭕️ TO DO

1⃣️The whereabouts must be reported in time. Whether you are taking a taxi to share your itinerary with friends or sending a message to your parents, you must report safety in a timely manner.

2⃣️Be vigilant. Especially when you are alone, you should always be vigilant, quietly observe abnormal phenomena and stay away.

3⃣️Call the police in advance. Whenever you encounter something that makes you feel uneasy, or has already happened, seek help promptly.

4⃣️Protect property. Cash is widely used in the UK. Whether you save money or put it in your bag, you must protect your belongings.


UK emergency alert: 999

Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +86-1012308/+86-1059913991

Chinese Embassy in the UK: +44-20-74368294

Chinese Consulate General in Manchester: +44-1612247443

Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh: +44-1313371790

When studying in a foreign country, our safety is the concern of our parents. Protecting yourself is more important than studying. Therefore, we must always be vigilant and protect ourselves when we are abroad. If you have any questions, please seek help from authorities in a timely manner and don’t be “self-righteous”. Any questions about studying in the UK can be addressed to us!

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