🇬🇧How international students can keep their wallets——❗️Prevent fraud

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

International students are generally the target audience of fraud gangs because they have never been out of society and do not know the dangers of society. Moreover, they generally come from relatively well-off families. This article will share with you some common fraud techniques.

✨Street Scam

1⃣️ qiang mobile phone to steal mobile phone

👉Ask for directions. Put a map over your phone to ask for directions and then move your phone along.

👉I stop you on the street and ask for the time. When you take out your phone📱 , I will take the phone away.

⚠️Do not put your mobile phone on the table. It is important to hang an anti-theft buckle on your mobile phone.

2⃣️Begging and stopping you in public places such as streets and parks to ask for money

👉Usually pregnant women, old people, children or people with disabilities stop you and say they have been hungry for a long time and want to buy food from you💰

3⃣️Starting price on the ground

👉Souvenir shops, especially small shops run by Middle Easterners and Indians, must use cash instead of swiping cards (they will trick the POS machine and the card can easily be stolen)

👉There are many colorful rickshaws on the streets of London. They play loud music and charge sky-high prices for close distances.

4⃣️Let you go with him for various reasons

❗️My mother has taught us since childhood not to eat candy from strangers and not to go with strangers

✨Online scams

1⃣️Impersonate embassy/customs/ police⭕️Chinese

👉Customs🛃says that you have a document that is suspected of being illegal and has been detained, and then gives you a police station👮☎️The police will keep you in touch and report your schedule every day. The main purpose is to break your defenses and then take out your 🏦card information

2⃣️Impersonating a courier company⭕️Chinese

👉 He said he is DHL and you have a package that you need to pay for postage. Then he will send you a package on your mobile phone 🔗 and let you click in to pay 💰 After you enter the card number and cvv, your card will be stolen.

⚠️Generally cmlink and cte will receive this type of information☎️

3⃣️Pretend to be major 🏦⭕️English in the UK

👉Say that your card is suspected of being stolen and teach you step by step how to change to a new card and guide you to transfer 💰 to the new card

⚠️The British are very lazy. If your card is really stolen, they will give you 📩 and directly automatically lock your card and remind you in 📧 to handle it offline and they will not call you ☎️📲 !

4⃣️🛰️Exchange currency  Pay tuition and accommodation fees, rent a house, etc.

👉Usually , online transfers collect your money and then run away.

⚠️For currency exchange, please use official channels or offline face-to-face transactions

5⃣️ instagram private✉️

👉They are all killing🐷The surface of the disk is bright and beautiful, and the principles of marriage and dating are used to trick you into voting💰

👉Pretend to be a brand and ask you to be a brand ambassador. We will send you products for free🆓 for you to take photos of. The products are 🆓 but you have to pay for the postage and the postage is generally very high.

The above are some common fraud techniques that international students should be aware of! If you have any questions, please drop us a line in the background!

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