🇬🇧What international students must do during the Spring Festival

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍


The holiday is coming soon🧧I’m afraid that 30 is too much , so I wish you all a happy New Year in advance🤪 Even though you are far away in a foreign country , the Spring Festival is still very ritualistic! Expand and tell everyone

On the 29th of the twelfth lunar month, buy couplets for the Spring Festival. Now many Chinese Super Leagues have sold all kinds of couplets and blessings. You can buy them with your friends and stick them on the door . They are also very beautiful. I also want to buy some for the New Year. Ingredients 🥟🍲🐟🐔 and the like

On the 30th of the twelfth lunar month, I had New Year’s Eve dinner with good friends around the fire and watched the Spring Festival Gala (live broadcast on YouTube 🈶️ !

On January 22nd , the first day of the first lunar month, quickly go out and feel the Spring Festival atmosphere🇬🇧. Here are some British Spring Festival activities:

1⃣️New Year Celebration Parade

The largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia in London's Chinatown 🏮 not only includes traditional dragon and lion dances, but also Chinese dance, folk music and martial arts performances as well as spectacular fireworks 🎆 to celebrate the New Year with excitement!

2⃣️Manchester Dragon Parade January 21st to January 29th

This is the highlight of Manchester City's Spring Festival. A 53-meter dragon 🐲 dances in the streets, followed by musicians and drummers, winding through Chinatown decorated with red lanterns and gold ornaments.

3⃣️ museum of London Docklands January 21st to January 22nd

Located in Canary Wharf🉑️Making Year of the Rabbit crafts Language learning Ribbon dance workshop Chinese Storytelling

4⃣️Edinburgh Chinese New Year Concert January 21

Dragon and Lion Dance Performance 🏴‍Nicolas

Go to Chinatown for dinner on the second day of the first lunar month to feel the lingering flavor of the New Year. Here are some London restaurants.

1⃣️Min Jiang

On the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel🉑️you can enjoy the beautiful views of Kensington Gardens, Big Ben and the London Eye . The restaurant offers Chinese New Year set menu featuring Minjiang cuisine🔥

2⃣️ Imperial Treasure

New Year’s special dishes are Crispy Roast Duck, Abalone, Sichuan Pepper Scallops and Honey Sauce🦐Book in advance🈶️New Year’s discount

Fireworks are set off on the third day of the first lunar month 🎆

The Spring Festival would not be complete without fireworks here ⚠️ 🇬🇧 The public is allowed to purchase fireworks from non-licensed sellers for a specific period 10 🈷️ 15 to 11 🈷️ 10 to 12 🈷️ 26 to 12 🈷️ 31 and the three days before Chinese New Year! The specific time period allowed to set off fireworks is from 11pm to 1am It is not allowed to set off in public places and streets 🉑️in parks or open squares and seasides

The above are the things to do during the Spring Festival. How did everyone spend New Year’s Eve? Please share it.

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