British tourist cities where international students will not go home during the Chinese New Year

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Winter time has entered again, the days in the UK are getting shorter and shorter, and the temperature is relatively low😰 . Are students still adapting? It’s the end of the year, and the Chinese New Year is coming soon. Today, the editor has compiled a collection of British tourist attractions for everyone to share. Please save it and save it🌟


Edinburgh is a very romantic city. The sunset at Calton Hill🌇 , the Fireworks Festival at Princes Street Gardens🎆 , and the majesty of Sky Island Highlands are all places where you can leave wonderful memories in the UK. Edinburgh is also the filming location for Jay Chou's MV, so you can go and take photos of the same style! If students are not going home during the Chinese New Year, you can plan to drive there in about a week or charter a car🚗 . But be sure to pay attention to driving safety~ Especially the mountain roads in the highlands are very easy to puncture (don’t ask me how I know~)


A tourist city that locals also love to visit, the streets of the town give people a feeling of a Roman holiday🙈 . Famous for its hot springs, it is a great place for vacation. Attractions include the Roman Baths, Bath Church, and an interesting museum - the Bath Fashion Museum. In summary, Bass is really a great film📷 . It will give you a special British style travel experience.


Britain's "End of the World" is located in the southwest corner. Students who like to see the sea should check in! Cornwall is a great tourist attraction to relax from stress and fully immerse yourself in island life🌊 . Three or two friends, rent a B&B, visit seaside towns during the day, and cook together at night🥘🥂, it’s a very relaxing and comfortable time~


Brighton, also a seaside city, has a different scenery. In the UK, which has many cloudy and rainy days, Brighton has more sunny days☀️ . There are many seaside bars, seafood restaurants, and water sports here🏄🏻‍♂️ . Places you can visit include Brighton’s museums and art galleries, aquarium and more.


Scarborough is a smaller city than the first two seaside cities. Students only need to take the train to 🚂 and go back and forth in one day. In addition to the beautiful beaches, Scarborough also has a vintage underground market with many small shops. The most impressive thing is that there is a vinyl record shop💽 . Students can check in~

The above are the British tourist cities that the editor has compiled for you if you don’t go home during the Chinese New Year🛤 . Please mark and collect it🌟

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